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Tv Actors Tell On How They View Valentine’s Day Before And After Marriage


Jyothi Venkatesh

They say it’s tough to keep that spark going once a couple gets married….however, is it true? TV actors compare their Valentine’s before and after marriage!

 Amit Sarin: 

Post marriage, I have double reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I met my wife on Valentine’s Day and my1st child, my daughter Vaeda was born on Valentine’s Day.  Well, anything which gets popular has scope for marketing, the same is true with Valentine’s Day. Social media has become an integral part of today’s generation, everything including Valentine’s Day is an occasion to showcase on social media. My idea of romance is still the same – to be able to hold each other’s hand, walk together, to travel together, to have meals together, to pull each other’s leg and even after 13yrs of marriage to often say “love you”.

 Amal Sehrawat:

The frequency of Valentine’s Days post-marriage increases, I mean every day becomes Valentine’s Day. Every occasion is a mix of celebration and marketing these days, and this day is no exception. I celebrate this day with my family. I am sure there are many people like us. Romance, for me, is silently feeling each other’s emotions.

 Vijayendra Kumeria:

For me, it has been the same before and after marriage. We never went mad after this one particular day as we believe that dedicating one day for love is not cool. I totally agree that it’s a marketing strategy. These days people live an altogether different life on social media. I have seen couples posting cute, loving pictures on social media and all of a sudden you get the news that they are no more in a relationship. It’s quite funny. For me, romance is simply to care for and love someone.

 Mrunal Jain:

 Post marriage, celebrating this day becomes important as you have to make sure that life doesn’t become boring after marriage. You need to put more effort to make it more special than it was before marriage. It is still considered as one of the most special days when people go out in the market and shop for their loved ones. Actually, this day has become more relevant because of social media. According to me, Valentine’s Day should be always between two people rather than showing it off to the world. My idea of romance with my partner would be to listen to her and hear what she has to say, spending more time with her, keeping the phone switched off and giving her all my time.

 Himanshu Malhotra: 

 It’s slightly different actually when you are boyfriend-girlfriend, I think you’re slightly more attentive to what Valentine’s Day and Rose and Chocolate Day are all about. Usually, after marriage, days like your anniversary, your birthday, her birthday become more important than Valentine’s day. But having said that, I think once you’re married, you live together and you start seeing each day all the time. So, it’s not like there’s a great curiosity to meet, to go out on a date. Of course, this day brings with it a great marketing strategy as well. I remember buying anything on Valentine’s day is so tough as everything is super duper. A rose, which will generally cost you 20 bucks, will now cost you a hundred bucks. At Archies, everything is very expensive. My idea of romance is very conventional. It’s like a candlelight dinner.

 Rohitashv Gour:

It depends on you how you celebrate it. Before marriage, you are young and the mind works differently. But after getting married, you get a bit matured and your way of celebrating occasions changes. But the enthusiasm doesn’t die. I see it as a day to celebrate one person who matters to you, like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day.

Arjun Bijlani:

I think Valentine’s Day remains the same as before marriage or post marriage. Nothing really changes except maybe your plans for the day, especially after a kid. I think we, as a society, are getting more and more western and we are getting their culture more in our country. Earlier we were a very closed society and Valentine’s Day was not part of our culture. It’s not bad to incorporate something if you feel happy about it. I think everything in life certainly has become for social media, not only Valentine’s Day. I think romance is not only about getting flowers and having ice cream together, putting two straws in one coconut, the way it is portrayed on social media. I think romance is about intellect. It’s about understanding each other.

 Sharad Malhotra: 

The idea of romance should not be limited or restricted to just one day of the year. LOVE is the most powerful and endearing emotion and should be celebrated throughout the year, each day of life and not just on the 14th of Feb (Valentine’s day). The marketing gurus with their gimmicks have made the 14th of Feb very commercial in the form of Valentine goodies, chocolates, balloons, etc…and there are hardly any emotions left to be felt on this particular day.

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