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TV Folks Are Making The Most Of Monsoons!


It’s that time of the year again when all you want to do is sit by the window with a steamy hot cuppa, watching the rain. Monsoons are surely nature’s way of telling us to take it easy and that is exactly what these TV actors are doing this rainy season, says JYOTHI VENKATESH

Rehaan Roy

Rehaan royI love monsoon. Whenever It’s raining and I have a holiday, I prefer to spend the whole day at home with my friends, with some chai and pakodas, and yes, some endless conversations. In monsoon, my best getaway is indeed by home. I don’t like to go out in the rains. I love listening to music too, specially the popular monsoon numbers. Rimjhim gire sawan and Sawan aaya hai unplugged by Neha Kakkar are my favourites.

Sachin Parikh

Sachin Parikh

Monsoons are truly blissful! It I am not shooting, I generally go for a long drive. I put on some soothing music in the car and often ask my friends of family to accompany me. There are so many small waterfalls, lakes and dams around Maharashtra and all of them are magnificent in the monsoons. I am a foodie and my favourite monsoon snacks include vada pav and bhajis, which I just cannot be missed during rains. Sipping some yummy adarak masala tea in my balcony is the perfect thing for a good rainy evening.

Rahuol Lohani

Rahuol Lohani The best way to enjoy the monsoons is to just sit at home. You can make bajiyas and vada-pav, sit in your balcony and enjoy these with tea. There was a time when all my friends used to go to Lonavala or Matheran to chill. But the situation has changed now and it gets unsafe to be out for long, especially when it’s been raining continuously.

Ansh Bagri

Ansh Bagri

I go for long drives. I love driving in the rains and Lonavala is me favourite getaway. Besides this, I love to binge on maggie and pakodas too. This is my ritual every monsoon. I love Mumbai monsoons. It’s so amazing that despite traffic due t the rains, Mumbai doesn’t stop and that’s what I love.

Malhar Pandya

Malhar Pandya I love getting wet in the rain, specially when I am outside on the road and not in my car. Usually people love to eat pakodas along with chai, but I usually feel like eating something sweet like homemade Kheer or Sheera. I love sleeping after eating these things as when I wake up after that, I feel so fresh. I remember last monsoons, I went to Lonavala with my friends and we enjoyed a lot. We all got wet at the hill top and binged on Maggi.

Gaurav Gera

Gaurav GeraI love to do nothing in the monsoons as this is my favourite season. This is the time when I love to be in Mumbai. It’s beautiful when you are doing nothing, otherwise travelling becomes a problem. I prefer to stay home, look at my plants, eat good food and have tea any time of the day.

Ssharad Malhotra 

Ssharad Malhotra

I enjoy the smell of the sand and the sound of the rain drizzling. I like to go on long drives but since I am shooting daily, it’s not possible every day. I play football in the rain sometimes or just watch the rains with a hot cup of coffee. Rains make me feel romantic and I also like to listen to romantic songs and chilling with my wife.

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