Actor Khushi Dubey on 'Jubilee Talkies - Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat'

Sony Entertainment Television is set to air a new show called 'Jubilee Talkies: ShohratShiddat.Mohabbat' every Monday to Friday at 8 PM. The show revolves around the world of Indian cinema and features a modern-day love story.

The storyline follows the journey of a renowned superstar, Ayaan Grover, and a small-town theatre owner, Shivangi Sawant, whose paths cross unexpectedly, potentially sparking a new love story

The first episode of the show establishes Shivangi's determination to save her family's cinema, 'Sangan Cinema', from being sold to a liquor shop by Contractor Jadhav The narrative highlights Shivangi's resilience and her mother's unwavering support in the face of challenges.

Actor Khushi Dubey, who plays Shivangi, expresses excitement about the show's launch, emphasizing the gripping storyline that combines small-town charm with the glitz of the film industry She describes her character as gutsy, enthusiastic, and deeply passionate about cinema.

The show promises a mix of drama, romance, and the fight for preserving heritage against all odds, making it a compelling watch for viewers Tune in to 'Jubilee Talkies: Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat' on Sony Entertainment Television to follow Shivangi and Ayaan's captivating journey.