Baal Veer 4: Ada Says, 'Reality Was Different From What I Expected'

Baalveer 4's lead antagonist Ada shares her inspiring set story, and talks about continuing her shoot with heavy costumes despite injuries and swollen voice

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Baal Veer 4 Ada Says, 'Reality Was Different From What I Expected' (1)
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Baalveer 4's lead antagonist Ada shares her inspiring set story, and talks about continuing her shoot with heavy costumes despite injuries and swollen voice

Ada is someone who likes to push herself beyond regular boundaries all the time to get things going and create impact.

As far as fantasy shows and projects are concerned, we all love the scale and grandeur with which things are presented on-screen. However, more often than not, the artists themselves go through unbearable pain and difficulty of different kinds when performing in such projects. However, the will to not give up is what makes them champions and Ada is one such champion. On being asked if she's had any difficulties as such while performing in heavily customized outfits while doing action stunts, Ada got candid with us. She said and we quote,

"So we are doing this fight sequence where I was supposed to beat Baalveer up. My director asked me to run, take a high jump, and land in a certain style. While I thought I could easily do that, the reality turned out to be something totally different. My costume was so heavy that I couldn't even jump properly. It wasn't easy to pull it off. Not just that, the outfit I wear is about 25kgs and to wear such a heavy outfit for 13-14 hours in a day took a toll on my body big time. My shoulders started to drop down and it wasn't easy. So yes, costume and fantasy dramas might look very interesting but these are the challenges that actors face and it's absolutely not easy at all."

She further added, "I also remember another instance of a fight sequence. I was tied to a harness while lying down. There's no plank under my body. Technically, I am the plank and hence, I am supposed to hold my body strangling in mid-air. The scene goes like I am being hit from the left side and in a horizontal position, it goes round and round and eventually I get a punch from the other side and this continues for some time. I thought this would be easy but well, I was taken for a surprise again. The shot started and we had to do quite a few retakes. The harness really hurts a lot. Because the whole thing has to stop in a place which is in front of the camera, this isn't in your hand but in the control of the ones handling the harness. So, we had about 3 retakes and after that, when I was made to sit, I had an entire blood rush in my head and it started hurting big time. My harness started to hurt a lot and for an hour, I had to just sit because I couldn't move due to my injury. I clearly remember that after that, for 2 days straight, my head was hurting big time but I continued my work since there are professional commitments involved here."

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Ada concluded by saying,"There was also this one shot where I learned that my 'Senapati' who was my confidante and a trusted individual backstabbed me. There were after-effects used for this to put this together. So the scene goes like she's standing on the mountain and there and I have to scream. The idea was to make it look like my scream was so powerful that with the sound and vibration, the entire collage that was made was supposed to collapse. While I thought this was do'able, the challenge here was different as just 2 days back, I was dealing with a throat infection. So during the scene, I have done everything correctly, right from my act to the big monologue. However, the moment I yelled, literally nothing happened. There was no sound that could come because of the infection and in fact, the voice ended up being very funny. We were confused in terms of how to get the take. However, somehow, they managed the take with some effects. It was quite a struggle. The entire monologue went so well but because of the infection, I just couldn't scream or yell. I remember there were some memes made out of me on-set and people were making fun jokes about it, all in good spirits. The funniest part is after 15 days, another actor dealt with the same thing as me and it was hilarious. So yes, as far as fantasy and costume dramas are concerned, these are some of the challenges that we as actors have to deal with to put out our best."

Well, these stories are certainly spine-chilling indeed, and without any iota of doubt, it's clearly understandable that it truly takes out of an actor to come up with their best performances. As an actress, Ada has certainly been on top of her game as Queen Ageel. 

She's a multi-dynamic personality who's done incredibly well for herself in shows earlier like Madhubala, Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka, Dancing Queen, Bebakee and more. Apart from that, she's also been a popular emcee who's done more than 2000 shows all over the globe with stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, and many more. Currently, she's impressed with her act and performance in Baalveer Season 4 and we are loving every bit of it. 

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