Gaurav Khanna on Joining Anupamaa and Its Impact

Gaurav Khanna, who plays Anuj Kapadia in the show Anupamaa, loves his character and believes it has had a significant impact on other shows

Anuj's character in Anupamaa is full of surprises and emotional depth, and viewers enjoy the drama he brings to the show

Anuj is a righteous and straightforward character who tries to keep his emotions in check and doesn't show his vulnerable side often

He is facing challenges in his personal life, trying to mend bridges and understand why the person he loved has left him and their daughter without explanation

Gaurav considers Anuj one of the most challenging roles he has played on television

He feels lucky to have been given the opportunity to portray such a complex character with many layers and nuances

Anuj's character has become famous, and other shows have started to include similar characters inspired by Anuj

Anupamaa is a popular show known for its realistic portrayal of interpersonal relationships and the struggles of the protagonist

The audience appreciates the show's depiction of personal relationships, emotions, and different understandings

Repetition in life can be beautiful, and the show reflects this by showcasing relatable storylines