Gurdeep Kohli Channels Strong Motherhood for 'Vanshaj' Performance

Gurdeep Kohli draws inspiration from her observations of strong mothers and her own emotions as a mother for her performance in 'Vanshaj'

'Vanshaj' is a family drama revolving around intense conflicts within the Mahajan household, particularly focused on inheritance issues

Gurdeep Punj, playing Bhoomi Mahajan, finds the emotionally challenging storyline rewarding, highlighting the deep mother-daughter bond portrayed

Portraying Bhoomi's turmoil-filled life can be emotionally draining for Gurdeep, but she effectively disconnects after delivering intense scenes

Gurdeep prepares for challenging roles by tapping into her experiences as a mother and incorporating nuances from her personal life into her character

Bhoomi's character in 'Vanshaj' has evolved over the year, showcasing strength, concern for her daughter, and a protective nature

The recent storyline in 'Vanshaj' signifies the victory of good over evil, with DJ's reign coming to an end, impacting Bhoomi and Yuvika

Fans have responded positively to the show's unique blend of thriller and family drama, expressing excitement for the character developments and storylines

Gurdeep receives feedback from fans who are deeply connected to the show, appreciating her character's chemistry with Yuvika

While filming intense tracks, Gurdeep relies on her personal experiences and observations of strong mothers to authentically portray Bhoomi Mahajan