Khushi Dubey as Shivangi Sawant in 'Jubilee Talkies'

Sony Entertainment Television is launching a new show called "Jubilee Talkies - ShohratShiddat.Mohabbat", a romantic drama centered around the character Shivangi Sawant.

The show follows the journey of Shivangi, a modern woman from a small town in Maharashtra, who is determined to restore her father's dream of reviving their family-owned cinema, Sangam Cinema

Actress Khushi Dubey will be portraying the lead role of Shivangi Sawant, a strong and resilient character filled with passion and integrity

Khushi Dubey expresses her excitement about the role and the unexpected twists and turns that Shivangi's journey will bring

"Jubilee Talkies - ShohratShiddat.Mohabbat" is set to premiere soon on Sony Entertainment Television.

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