Rohit Suchanti's Bhagya Lakshmi Wish: Daughter Like On-Screen Paro

The TV show "Bhagya Lakshmi" featuring Aishwarya Khare (Lakshmi) and Rohit Suchanti (Rishi) has gained popularity, with the duo known as #RishMi winning hearts

Rohit Suchanti, who plays Rishi, has formed a special bond with his on-screen daughter Trisha, who portrays Paro in the show

Rohit expressed his admiration for Trisha's talent, maturity, and inquisitiveness, stating he wishes to have a daughter like her in real life

The upcoming episodes of the show will revolve around Rishi trying to save Lakshmi and Paro from a false accusation of attempted murder

Viewers can look forward to the unfolding drama and the potential reunion of the characters on "Bhagya Lakshmi" airing on Zee TV at 8:30 pm daily

The cast of the show is known to have a great time together on and off the set, engaging in activities like having lunch and creating fun videos

Rohit Suchanti's portrayal of a father on-screen has deepened his connection with Trisha, leading him to appreciate her qualities and personality

The story arc of the show promises suspense and emotional moments as Rishi navigates the challenges to protect his loved ones