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Tvf Launches 3 New Shows Relatable To Today’s On The Go Generation On Snapchat


Jyothi Venkatesh

Audiences looking for fun videos on-the-go can now breathe a sigh of relief! As a quick fix solution to boredom, renowned Indian content creators, TVF launched 3 exciting new shows on SnapChat’s Discover. Targeting the most loved genres by today’s youth – Fashion, Sports and Gossip; the line-up will explore newer formats to keep audiences hooked from start to end. With 3 episodes releasing per week, titles like What A Player, Gossip Girl and Style Wagon are now available on the Discover page.Gossip Girls stars Shreya Mehta, Vrushika Mehta,Meghna Kaur, Apoorva Arora, Niharika Singh and Radhika Bangiaa a.k.a The Gossip Girls,as they bring the latest and the most tantalizing gossip from entertainment world, all under 5 minutes! Right from ‘Who’s Dating Who?’ To ‘What Makes Actors Tick?!’ – they have answers to all things Bollywood. If you are looking for more from the world of sports? Look no further, as dancer and actress Samentha Fernandes presents ‘What A Player’ full of news and unheard trivia. Find why Sachin Tendulkar was superstitious about his pads, and who Saina Nehwal is set to marry and much more in this weekly dose straight from the pits. In Style Wagon,rule the runway as actress Barkha Singh and Ayesha Adlakha spell out what’s in fashion and what’s not! Stay updated with the fashion trends with Style Wagon, a weekly capsule from the glitzy world of fashion. What are you waiting for, pull out your phones and catch Gossip Girl, What A Player and Style Wagon on SnapChat’s Discover

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