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ULLU Launches Sharib Hashmi Starrer Cyanide


Marching towards success, ULLU, India’s fastest-growing OTT app has been increasing its formidable multi-genre library with stories inspired by real-life incidents – Jyothi Venkatesh

Ban Ullu

After the success of Tandoor, Assi Nabbe Poore Sau, and alike, ULLU releases a gut-wrenching series named CYANIDE.

Marriage, Deception, Poisoning, and a series of Murders – Cyanide is a nerve-wracking chase to nab a serial killer!

Starring Sharib Hashmi & Sara Khan in the lead, the series also has Akshita Agnihotri, Mir Sarwar, Ritu Rajput, Neelofar Sheikh playing pivotal roles.

Mohan Kumar Bhat (played by Sharib Hashmi) also known as Cyanide Mohan, is a serial killer who preys on women looking for marriage and kills them afterward.

He portrays himself as a school professor but for him his strange passion is to lure helpless women, make them fall in love, marry them and kill them by giving them cyanide pills claiming that they are contraceptive pills.

Mohan is accused of 22 murders but has manage to go scot-free. While these murders are rampant in the city, by a stroke of luck a girl named Aisha (played by Sara Khan) manages to survive this ghastly attack of cyanide poisoning administered by her husband Mohan.

However, Mohan kidnaps Aisha’s son to get rid of the police trial and absconds with his next prey.

Will Aisha be able to save her son and unravel the truth behind these gruesome, heinous killings? Will the truth be revealed as to what instigated Mohan to commit these crimes?

On the release of the series, Vibhu Agarwal, Founder and CEO ULLU said, “With a powerhouse cast, a well written story and wonderful direction, Cyanide will definitely blow away the minds of the audiences.

Since ULLU showcases stories inspired by real life incidents that have been forgotten, our aim is to make the audiences aware of these crimes. With ULLU 2.0, we believe that a lot of unheard stories will be spoken of.”

On the show launch, Sara Khan quipped, “At first when the show was offered to me, I was literally shocked on how anyone would poison someone they love.

But the story was so very well described and written that I had to say a yes to it. Now since its being released, I hope that the audiences love this facet of my acting calibre and appreciate our work as a team.

We wanted to bring out the gruesome reality from the past and we hope we achieved our goal”

Produced by Vibhu Agarwal and ULLU Digital & directed by internationally acclaimed director Rahat Kazmi, Cyanide is all set to release on 19th November 2021 on the ULLU app.

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