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Unfriends Is An Eye-Opener, Says Producer Mousumi Biswas


Jyothi Venkatesh

The upcoming film Unfriends trailer was unveiled recently in Mumbai.The celebrity guests who made the event more graceful with their presence were Ejaz Khan, Sunil Pal, Ali Khan, Javed Hyder, Mustak Khan, Abhishek Khana (Fame of Bharat movie), Sufiyan Kapadia, Rohit Pyare,(comedian) and Ahsaan Khan. The film is produced by Mousumi Biswas under the banner of Riangsh Entertainment World and directed by Ashfaque Shaikh.The film stars Sahil Aktar Khan,Mousami Biswas,Rajat RawailNafe Khan,Himayat Ali,Ayan Khan and Prashant Poojari. Unfriends is a film based on the serious crime i.e. cyber crime and social media harassment.

Unfriends revolves around a girl who is befriended by an unknown person of a violent character. How a boy helps her to get through her fight against cyber crime and rape. How they both survive through calamities created by a politically powerful people who control the justice system and survive to come triumphant over the law system. In a world filled with Social Crimes and Cyber Crimes, there stands a guy who tries to bring stability in the current unstable world.A guy named Veer got a friend request from a stranger named Vijay on Facebook. Veer is struggling with his startup seed money as Veer shared his startup story with him,Vijay invests in his startup. To celebrate this deal both had gone for a long drive to Lonavala where they meet a girl Mauli who was carefree and bold. All of a sudden on their way, Vijay rapes Mauli. Veer tries to save Mauli from getting killed and escapes from there. Vijay is the son of a powerful minister as the case got linked politically, Veer who is trying to save Mauli from all the humiliation has to give up his career for her justice.

The story is all about, how a social network can be dangerous and the mentality of our society which doesn’t want to accept a rape victim rather than feeling sorry for her. If there are more people like “Veer” who forget the past of girl and looks at her heart, there will be no rape victims in this world. Mousami Biswas avers she is really excited about the film. The story is really an eye-opener. It shows everything has two sides and we always have to consider both the sides. The humiliation faced by the rape victims in our society needs to stop now. It is not the fault for the victim to get raped. The culprits need to get behind the bars and the laws had to get strict. Being a responsible citizen it ours duty to change the perception of the society towards the rape victim. Unfriends is all set to release on 13th December 2019.

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