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Unveiling Of The Trailer Of The Marathi Film Bonus Set To Release On February 28


Jyothi Venkatesh

The trailer of the Marathi film Bonus, presented by Arjun Singgh Baran & Kartk D Nishandar and Lion Crown Entertainment and produced by Govind Ubhe, Anupama Karale, Kanchan Patil and GSEAMS, was unveiled in Mumbai Amid the increased curiosity about the film after the release of its teasers and posters over last few weeks, the audiences are waiting for the release of the film slatwed for February 28.The function was attended by the star cast including Gashmeer Mahajani, Pooja Sawant and Jaywant Wadkar, director Saurabh R Bhave and presenters and the producers of the film.The trailer gives fair idea about the story of the film leading to more buzz created about it. The story revolves around a youngster from a well-to-do family after he accepts a challenge to live a normal life like a laborer for at least a month. After he contests his grandfather’s decision of giving bonus to the employees, the youngster was dared to live a life much below his standards. He begins to live in a shanty measuring 80 square feet in a Koliwada and comes across the miserable living conditions and woes related to it.

“Happiness Is in Small Things” the tagline appearing on the trailer takes storylines forward ultimately giving a social message. He meets his girl friend, played by Pooja Sawant, during the stay at the Koliwada. Whether he accomplices his challenge or falls short of achieving it? The audience will have to wait for the answers to these questions till the release of the film.The film has become talk of the town for various reasons. Besides the unique storyline, Pooja Sawant has paired opposite Gashmeer Mahajani for the first time. The tagline Budayachi Bhitich Mansala Pohayala Shikavate’ (Threat of drowning teaches you to swim) along Gashmeer’s poster suggests that the cameo is taking up some sort of challenge.

‘Bonus’ has been shot on the multi-colour backdrop of a Koliwada. The glamorous girl of Marathi industry Pooja Sawant is seen again in an entirely different role in Bonus. Gashmeer Mahajani, in a very short span of his career, has carved a niche for himself with his recent films Deool Band, Kanha, One Way Ticket and Mala Kahich Problem Nahi is making a comeback to Marathi films after more than two years as he was busy in shooting for Hindi films and TV serials. .The film is directed by Saurabh Bhave, who is also been appreciated for his skills in screenplay and writing. He had penned screenplay for many hit Marathi films including Haapus, Taryanche Bait, Hrudayantar, Chumbak among others.  GSEAMS is one of the top studios in India having its vertical spread across film, TV and web series production, talent management and satellite aggregation and had earlier produced Mogra Phulaalaa, Fugay, Tula Kalnnaar Nahi, Ranangan and presented Bhikari.

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