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Up, Close & Personal With Sherrin Varghese


• How has your journey been till date?

The 20 years of my musical journey has been beautiful, tumultuous with the struggle real and very rewarding too. I’ve faced both good and bad experiences &these experiences have given gave me a lot of confidence and power to never give up in life. These experiences have taught me several newskills in different ways& I’m glad I have seen all these ups and downs whichhas tremendously helped improve my entrepreneurial skills as well.

• When did you decide to be a part of music industry?

I had anopportunity to be the front man of “The Rubber Band” on Sony Entertainment Television, in 1999 and that changed my career choice from being an engineer to being musician. Music was always there since school, through my church choir and then later on through rock bands etc., but it took a professional turn on this show.

Sherrin Varghese

• How’s does it feel to be A Band Of Boys member?

It feels nothing short of a blessing to be part of India’s first and only boy band. I don’t think there will ever come a time where I will not look at myself as nothing but a boy. Here’s hoping we stay that young in spirit and body all our lives.

• What struggles did you face?

The struggles are as apparent or similar to any other field anywhere where hard work, a little luck and perseverance pays off but what I’m not able to fathom is the struggle that newer artists have to undergo as the methods have changed drastically. The main struggle nowadays I find is that artists have to keep releasing new material just to keep relevant. There are many reasons for this, namely population, advancement in technology creating overnight bedroom producers on tutorial videos, mediocrity & lack of royalty systems in place. In the past it was more about making a good song and it ended there. There were systems, platforms and channels in place to help place their song and popularity of artist was on meritorious rotation whereas nowadays it has to be a joint collaborative effort between say a TikTok star, a musician, & a YouTube MCN (Multi Channel Network) who’ll then hedge it off to a music label who’ll then have their own fudged revelations on the internet & the best song in the world would not stay for more than month on people’s mind.. The chain has gotten longer with lower shelf lives. I wonder where it isgoing to go from here.

• Your inspiration and why?

My inspiration is my dad. Poor guy has had mishaps after mishaps medically from 2011 onwards but is still fighting it and has the uncanny ability to bounce back. It is nothing short of a miracle and I feel really proud of the stoic way he handles himself.

Sherrin Varghese

• Tell us more about your show “The Circuit” and its upcoming 2nd season.

Season 2 is where it will flourish in the truest sense as that would be shorter episodes of single original song collaboration between me & the several talents that have shown interest in being part of us & other artists who I’d like to solicit for the same. Also with newer partners on board, it will be a full upgrade on the look, feel & tone of the show. Season 1 has been more a testing ground of different methods, formats etc. Most importantly the look of how the episodes should be is what we’ve achieved only in this last lap as we are closing in on the finale. Plus in Season 2 we intend to go full swing on the marketing of this property as it would be more original content.

• Your Upcoming projects?

My upcoming project are a series of club gigs at a chain of resto-bars with a new act called Retro Electro and also season 2 of Circuit with a lot of original collaborative music videos.

• A message to your fans?

For all my fans I would just say – Keep it real!

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