“Urmi” movie poster launch on the occasion of Valentine’s Day  with a formidable star cast will hit the screens on April 14

The poster of the movie “Urmi” which has a great plot and a strong star cast was recently launched on social media on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The movie hit the screens on April 14. From the name of the movie, it is felt that the movie is female centric.
Samriddhi Creation’s Dr. Praveen Dattatray Chaudhary has produced the movie “Urmi”. He has also written the story and lyrics for the film. Dr. The film is co-produced by Chaitali Praveen Chaudhary and Maltibai Dattatray Chaudhary. Rajesh Balakrishna Jadhav has directed the film and written the screenplay and dialogues. Music by Vijay Gatlewar and Utpal Chaudhary, Cinematography by Kaushal Goswami, Compilation by Anant Maruti Kamat and Executive Producer by Mahesh Gopal Bharambe.
The film has a strong star cast of actor Chinmoy Udgirkar, actress Saili Sanjeev, Rasika Sunil, Nitish Chavan and Madhav Abhyankar. There are two actresses in the movie “Urmi” and we have to wait for what will happen next.