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“Used “Khans” Mannat And Galaxy For Promotions” Yes We Took That Seriously!! Sneha Taurani


Lipika Varma

Enters this new year ,” 2020 “ Daughters from film industry making it up onto the bollywood horizon…Be it in the directorial field or production. Well!! This is Director Sneha Taurani who has the credit of having worked as assistant director,’ Wake Up Sid” and a few more films. This smart girl did not seek the help from her father producer Ramesh Taurani but her debut film ,’ Bhangra Pa le’ is being produced by Ronnie Screwvala.

In a brief rendezvous Debut Director Sneha Taurani informs about her journey and more

On her journey,’ I have been working hard. I started assisting with Wake Up Sid, with Ayan sir Mohit Suri sir on Crook and Murder 2 and last I worked with Milan Sir on ,”Once upon a Time in Mumbai 2 “and lastly with Akarsh Khurana we did one web show ,” All called Boygiri and I did Phantom film ,”Hijack  . . I met Shubh Shivdasani and we started talking about what I am developing and that’s how this film,’ Bhangara Pa le ‘came up.

On acting in front of the cameras …being a director-wearing a  Hat like Director Subhash Ghai she says, I don’t think I can ever do that . I am awkward in front of the camera. I am happy working behind the cameras only. As an assistant when I used to stand in for actors in front of the cameras as that is my job even then, I felt awkward

On how ,’Bhangra pa le’ came about- Neeraj Ratan sir had developed this idea and Ronnie sir wanted to make a dance film and idea to make a dance film which will connect to India.  When I was assisting on ,”Carvan” I  came to know that script was being developed and I was passionate about music I told them  that I will work on ideas and if everything falls into place I said I want to  direct it and please give it to me to direct[smiles]

On not starting with ,’Home Banner”- I think the idea was to consciously work outside and make your own mistakes and learn from it. If you don’t have that How will you grow in this field and how will you understand connecting with the audience. If you worked outside I will be able to garner more experience. Learn ideas How I will understand and learn more. I won’t be in a bubble and guarded and protected. I wanted to try and see if I can make it on my own.

On taking such a long time –

I have not had any formal education. I read a lot and shorter courses have happened. All my learning has been on set. I was writing and developing scripts and taking it to cast. It takes time to learn more.  It has taken time and lot of efforts to get here This film fell into this place and I am happy about it.

Venturing with new faces and male dominated arena–It wasn’t difficult to work with new faces and tell the story. It was a conscious decision. Male dominated we had a lot of female HOD’s costume, art, producer, there were many women on set. A lot of women are working on field. Departments and head with women assistants. It’s not farfetched. Now a lot of people are starting to understand that women are dedicated in terms  giving 24×7 to working on a project.  They are giving more projects to women as they are very dedicated. Many people wish to appoint women on job because they are sincere and dedicated.

 Working with outside banner -Mom was very proud and happy that someone else is giving me opportunity to make a film that is rare. You are always honest about journey and emotional about struggles that you get invested in your success in that sense. She is praying a lot.

Beginning career in New Year? -When audience likes trailer and couple of songs they will watch the film. Its about connecting with the audience. It has an emotional story and how it ties itself to this with dance.

Choosing that iconic song-

Bhangra is the dance form and title was Bhangra when we were going across each track we said lets do a fun title track that this is such a iconic song and we used the sample of the original and create a new composition and melody around it. So it got adapted into the film.

Used “Khans “ Mannat and Galaxy for promotion?

It was our marketing idea and we have their iconic song from Karan Arjun which completes its 25 years. and it was well received and they were sweet and crowd started cheering them. So making the best of the Khans? Smiles and adds,’ We have taken it quiet seriously.

On giving dance Challenge to the Khans

I wouldn’t mind but we have not spoken about it. We are pushing our music out and hoping they start dancing to our recreation.  If it does happen it will be great.

Teachings from dad Ramesh Taurani- Dad has been constantly creatively involved. As directors you have to trust your own instinct. You have to have your own vision and just take advises but listen to your inner  voice or else it cant be your vision or direction.  He has been supportive and given me space to make my own mistakes and learn from them.

Mistake and learning?

I get into nitty gritties  of wanting to be perfect. And I see it  I could have done this better and those are the things you realize and hope you gain knowledge and not  repeat the same mistakes.

Satisfied with the end product-

I am satisfied and it’s a heartwarming film and will entertain you and performances have worked very well.  When you watch the film you have invested into the film very well.

Working with established stars next

I don’t know it depends on story. You have to cast for the story. Of course I want to work with stars. The idea is to work with ideas. The script is backbone and its content driven. If your content is strong you can rely on that. Script is the backbone and everything stems from there.End of the day content is strong you don’t have to rely on anything

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