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Uttung Hitendra Thakur Remakes His Own Balak Palak As Swarna Malsyangal In Malayalam


Jyothi Venkatesh

Riteish Deshmukh struck gold as a producer with his first Marathi film Balak Palak way back in 2013. The film starred the child actors Prathamesh Parab, Rohit Phalke, Bhagyashree Shankpal and Madan Deodhar in the lead. The film has now been officially remade in Malayalam as Swarna Malsyangal. Uttung Hitendra Thakur, the co-producer of Balak Palak, has produced Dokyala Shot too. The film is the directorial debut of G.S. Sandeep, who is a popular television host of the Malayalam show Ashwamedham which was on air on Kairali TV. Set in Kerala, the film is said to have been shot well and boasts of some rich production design. Directed by Ravi Jadhav, Balak Palak, also known as B.P, was a period story about a group of adolescent kids –three boys and two girls eager to watch a porn film, to satiate their curiosity about sex. Subodh Bhave and Amruta Subhash played the older versions of the two kids from the bunch. The film also had supporting actors like Kishore Kadam, Sai Tamhankar, Anand Ingle, Supriya Pathare etc.

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