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Vahbiz Dorabajee Is Shooting For A Web Series


Jyothi Venkatesh

Vahbizz Dorabajee has garnered quite a lot of noise around body positivity and recently was even seen walking as a showstopper for a plus size brand at Lakme!  The actress has become an ambassador for positivity and been inspiring women through her social media and talks.  Vahbiz  is keen on going beyond television and experimenting across media as well as mentioned that she might be doing something in the web space, without divulging any further details!  Now we caught a glimpse on her social media as Vahbiz has posted a picture smiling and captioned it, “They say when you really with your heart manifest something, the entire universe conspires to make it happen (Yes as filmy as it sounds)!  But yes, my eyes had seen a dream, one which I had been working towards and I can finally see myself inching towards it!  #Excited #NewBeginnings #AnnouncementComingSoon”

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