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Veronica Vanij starrer Sector Balakot alongside Ashmit Patel gets alongway


Veronica Vanij is burning up the scene. She will be next seen in the movie sector Balakot alongside co actor Ashmit Patel.

The film is produced by Q cafe movies and is directed by Hitesh Khristy . Sunil Patel will hone the seat of the Director of photography.

The film is being shot as we speak. We have seen some power packed performances from veronica and this surely seems one more in the line.

We recently saw her on bandh tijori and we absolutely loved her part. Veronica takes the preparation for her characters very seriously and we are awed by her dedication to the craft.

She says, “I can’t reveal much about the story but I certainly can say it’s one of the most endearing stories of our times.

The story is very connected to the common citizen and people are going to love it because of the connection they would be able to form.

It’s extremely relevant. It was an immediate yes as I heard the script. I can’t wait for the audience to binge on this and am really look for some amazing feedback on this .”