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Vicky Kaushal-The One Who Flew Over Many Heads To Touch The Sky Of Success…..

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Ali Peter John

He is one of those rare actors who had several forces debating and discussing his future, long before he could take his first big steps with the determination to fly high in the sky of success. There were pandits and film pundits who was willing to put their reputation at stake by predicting a bright future for him as an actor even while he was assisting the man he calls his mentor, Anurag Kashyap. There were hardened film critics who said there was nothing that would come in his way to make it as one of the better known actors in Indian cinema who could even fly higher by the sheer dint of his natural talent. There was his humble as humble can be and yet great father, Sham Kaushal who always said,“God has been kind to my family and I am sure that God will be kind to Vicky, my son too”. There were students at the M.L Dahanukar College of Commerce in Vile Parle, mostly girls who swayed and swooned over him when I took him to the college as one of the star guests at their“Kurukshetra”annual festival of talent in various fields and their teachers, lecturers and even their principal, Dr Madahvi Petha who had seen him perform in his first film, “Masaan”and said he was the new light to a better world of Indian cinema.


I didn’t fall into any of these categories of people, I was as usual the observer who had watched the rise of several newcomers, including Amitabh Bachchan, Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil and Shah Rukh Khan, Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpayee and down to Kangana Ranaut and Jhanvi Kapoor whose mother, Sridevi I had seen rise from the South too the West and then to all over the country and even the world, besides the hundreds of others I had seen visiting my poor house because they somewhere believed that I had the ability to see the future for them, when the reality was and still is far away from the truth, because I have always believed in telling the truth about people and things (read films) as I see them according to certain standards I have been gifted with to say what I want to say without thinking about the consequences or thinking of in what ways anything I said would benefit me. I have always talked about individuals and institutions in keeping with the good of the industry….


Vicky Kaushal was proving all of us right with every film he did, bettering himself with living every role he played in films like “Raman Raghav 2.0″,“Sanju”,“URI”and others (and he has always been choosy to keep the list of“the others”to the minimum, he has been an important part of an important film or has not been there at all).

In less than five years, Vicky has created standards of his own when it comes to acting and now belonged to a school of his own where giving his best to get the best has become his only motto which has been driving him towards new and higher goals of perfection which only he knows what it means to him as the actor of today….


In a recent talk with one of the leading intellectual thinkers about cinema, Vicky Kaushal had said that he feels very happy about being and an actor at a time when offbeat content played a very vital role in the making of films, which naturally gives actors the inspiration and the boost to stop looking back the best of their work and look forward to work that will work for his growth and make him give cinema what it has always been kind for and has rarely found. Vicky is also happy with the way the audience is now reacting to work according to the way which is presented to them, whether it is content the way content is presented and he knows that an actor it is his first priority to present content in the best way possible. “The audience has changed. It is no longer the docile crowd of people who walk in only to seek some pastime, but the new audience demands more than what it looked for once and is in no mood to take anything for granted and they want the satisfaction they crave for and for the heavy prices of tickets they pay for. We actors will have to wakeup to be new challenging realities if we had to go ahead and be recognised as actors who can fulfill the expectations the audience, nothing can be achieved without satisfying the audience which like the cliche goes are the ultimate masters who have the power to make or to break”.


In another meaningful statement Vicky who seems have understood the demands of cinema in a very short time said that the people want something out-of-the-box with every film and character. That’s what is pushing all the actors — including the stars as well as the newcomers — to just do something new and bring something new to the audience. That’s why Vicky believes the phase in which cinema is now in its the best phase and he is very fortunate to be a part of.

How Vicky has grown into a sensible actor can be gauged by the way he has been trying to understand the ways cinema is taking. He is very excited about there being an attempt to put an end to what was called commercial and parallel cinema by the corporate companies. He is also happy to see actors and directors of different genres joining hands to create a new kind of cinema which is the outcome of this coming together and this blend of different kinds of cinema in one cinema.


I had the privilege of a not to so very confident walking up the steps leading to the private shows of his new films, and now I can feel the thrill of the talented and completely confident actor running up the same steps with a new spring in his stride.

Vicky is now busy polishing his own performance in“Udham Singh”which surprisingly for many who know the cinema of Soojit Sircar is being directed by Sircar. This role has been attempted by other senior actors in films and in documentaries and is quite a ‘live’subject and Vicky is the kind of actor who knows his responsibility to a role history is acutely aware of. He has also done “Lust Stories”and if you ask the observer of Vicky Kaushal in me, I think he has been exceptional in all the roles he has played till now, but in the case of an all-rounder of an actor like Vicky, his role in Meghna Gulzar’s “Raazi”was several cuts above the exceptional, which is a sign of many better things to come from an actor who believes that it is only in being exceptional lies the dignified existence of an actor…..

And as I think about the career of Vicky and how he has emerged in the front ranks, I can imagine his humble and yet great father quietly smiling, looking up and saying “God has been kind”.

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