Vidya Balan: leads crusade against Plastic Pollution

Vidya Balan, the acclaimed Indian actress, has always been more than just a performer on the silver screen. With her unwavering commitment

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Vidya Balan leads crusade against Plastic Pollution

Vidya Balan, the acclaimed Indian actress, has always been more than just a performer on the silver screen. With her unwavering commitment to social causes and environmental issues, she has become a beacon of change and a vocal advocate for a cleaner, more sustainable future. Balan's passion for making a difference extends beyond the realms of entertainment, as she consistently uses her platform to raise awareness about the pressing challenges facing our society.

Vidya Balan leads crusade against Plastic Pollution

What sets Vidya Balan apart is her genuine commitment to everything she stands for. She does not shy away from discussing the challenges we face as a society and the changes we need to make. Her unwavering dedication to the causes she supports makes her a true champion of change. She is a proud advocate of child nutrition, women empowerment, education and sustainability.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, renowned actress Vidya Balan has joined forces with Bhamla Foundation to support their anti-single use plastic initiative. The Bhamla Foundation, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, has been dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues for many years.

"We must eliminate unnecessary plastic items like water bottles, bags, trays, cutlery, plates, cups, and food packaging from our lives this World Environment Day," emphasizes Vidya Balan. Her words resonate with the urgent need to address the crisis of climate change, pollution, waste, and biodiversity loss caused by plastic pollution.

“I firmly believe that it is our duty to protect the environment for future generations. We need to be conscious of our choices and take action to reduce our plastic footprint. We must be responsible consumers and choose sustainable options. And we need to demand stakeholders to take necessary actions to reduce plastic pollution”, says Vidya Balan.

Vidya Balan leads crusade against Plastic Pollution

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Vidya Balan encourages individuals worldwide to take responsibility for their actions and eliminate unnecessary plastic items from their lives. This year, the global effort to beat single-use plastic pollution has become a flagship campaign of the International G20 Summit, as well as being supported by India's Honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

In addition to her support for the Bhamla Foundation, Vidya Balan has actively participated in raising awareness about plastic pollution through various platforms. One notable contribution is her appearance in the music video ‘Tik Tik Plastic’, which aims to educate and inspire individuals to take action against single-use plastic pollution. Apart from Vidya Balan the theme song stars Alia Bhatt, Gulzar Sahab, Ayushmann Khurrana and Rajkummar Rao. The song is rendered by Shaan and Shankar Mahadevan with lyrics by Swanand Kirkire. The choreography is done by Shiamak Davar and the direction by Sanjay Gadhvi. Ricky Cage, Guneet Monga, Neeti Mohan, Armaan Malik among others also appear in the music video.

“Vidya Balan has always stood for environment protection, climate change, earlier she has supported anti air pollution initiatives and now anti-single-use plastic. We are very grateful that Vidya Balan has joined this initiative that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly conveyed, urging people to save the country from plastic menace. Climate change is real and its time we take it seriously. We are supported by the Ministry of Forestry and Environemnt alongside the state and the central government as well as the United Nations,” say Asif and Saher Bhamla of Bhamla Foundation.
“Together we can make a difference to ensure we leave a beautiful and healthy world for future generations,” Vidya Balan concludes.

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