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Vijayendra Kumeria’s Goes Clean Shaven After Four Years!


Jyothi Venkatesh

Vijayendra Kumeria, who is currently doing Sufiyana Pyar Mera, is donning a new look. Recently he shaved off his beard and after posting his new clean shaven look on social media, he started getting a lot of positive feedback. He says,”I shaved for the last scene of Sufiyana Pyaar Mera. There is a scene where I had to look different and younger so on request of the creative team I agreed to get rid of the beard. I could have put my foot down, but then I thought it was important for me to do what the scene demanded. So what if it was only  for the last scene.” Speaking further on his beard, Vijayendra adds,”I personally like to grow a beard. I believe it suits me and gives me a macho look. I have always preferred it over the clean shaven boyish look.” He further adds,”I had a beard for 4 years  in fact I have tried different beard looks in Udaan from light to dense.” Maintaining a beard is not easy so what do you do? ““When I came out of my make up room after the shave some people didn’t recognize me as i looked very different without the beard. Almost everybody said I am looking much younger and i was called cute by a lot of co actors. I am not used to being called cute but I am getting used to it.My wife doesn’t like me clean shaven so she got a shock and is waiting for my beard to grow back. My daughter Kimaya had a laugh seeing me like this. I am missing my facial hair. But I don’t mind since as an actor one should experiment with their looks. You never know if my next role demands a clean shaven look as well

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