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Vikas and Jhanvi Sethi’s initiative in this unprecedented time is a nice gesture


In these uncertain times, celebrities are doing their best to help society. Actor Vikas Sethi and his wife Jhanvi, under the banner of their NGO, distributed rations to needy people – Jyothi Venkatesh

Speaking about the whole initiative Vikas says,”It was my wife’s idea to help people with ration and not with money.

I can’t talk on anyone’s behalf but every celebrity is made by people, so when they need something, I should do as per my capacity.

I am happy many are doing it. In this pandemic, I have learned the value of life and how important your family and your friends are.”

He also adds,”Our NGO -MyZindagi Foundation – primarily works on mental health issues. The pandemic has been really hard on all of us.

We decided to reach out to the community and get donations in terms of ration. This is our effort in trying to make a difference to lives in our own way.

We have been able to distribute ration to 500 families over the past month in multiple drives that we have done.”

Transgender Pooja Sharma who is known as Rekha as well also participated in this noble event with Vikas and Jhanvi.

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