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Vikrant Rona Review: This movie is truly gonna make audience “Rona”


Intro: These days makers are willing to release their movies worldwide. There was a time when makers only released the movie in their respective languages. Earlier movies were only made in their regional languages and if they wanted to release the movie in a different Indian language then they had to go for the dubbed version.

But now ever since the movies are doing good at Box office actors and makers are now willing to make Pan india films. Bahubali 1&2, Pushpa, RRR, KGF 1&2, Vikram and others are the perfect examples of Pan India films. Makers are now even shooting their movies simultaneously in different languages while shooting.

Today another Pan Indian movie “Vikran Rona” has been released, this movie stars south superstar Kiccha Sudeep. After Prabhas starrer Radhe Shyam, this movie will also fail to entertain the audience.

Story: The whole story revolves around Kiccha Sudeep who is playing the role of a Cop in the movie whose name is Vikrant Rona. The movie is a mixture of horror and suspense.

In the movie we will get to see the actor resolving a case in which he has to find the killer and the reason behind the deaths of innocent childrens. Somehow he manages to crack the case and will succeed in catching the real culprits.

His Personal life story is also seen in the movie which made the whole movie unnecessary emotional and illogical. First half is totally slow and boring while the second half is a little bit good.

Second half is full of suspense and twists and turns. This movie is definitely going to torcher the audience because the story is not good enough to hold the audience for even a single minute. In the climax you will feel like the movie is very over dramatic.

Acting: Kiccha Sudeep will look more like Salman Khan to you when he comes on screen, in the Hindi dubbed version Salman Khan has given his voice but in many scenes we will feel like Kiccha is trying to imitate Salman Khan and as if we are watching Dabangg 4.

Apart from Kiccha, Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has a very short role, almost 5-10 minutes. Other actors tried their best to act good but none of them is going to entertain you for a bit.

Direction: The movie is helmed by Anup Bhandari, after watching this movie you will feel like the director was quite confused during the pre production and production of this movie because the story, screenplay and direction is very weak.

In many scenes unnecessary laughter punches have been tried to insert just to make the audience laugh. It will make you laugh but not on the punches but over the foolishness. Don’t know why but the movie is very Dark because 95% of movie scenes are night and evening scenes.

Songs and VFX: Songs are very boring except one song which features Jacqueline Fernandez. Song name is Ra Ra Rakkamma. In this song we will get to see the actress flexing her curvy body and sexy moves.

VFX is good. The movie is made in 3D which will give a better experience but in a few scenes, rest you will wonder why this movie has been made in 3D. On the other hand, background music will surely entice you.

Conclusion: As I said earlier, after Radhe Shaym this is going to be the next Pan Indian movie which will disappoint the audience. Salman Khan has produced this movie and also given his voice to the Hindi dubbed version. He neither does good films nor makes them.

This is not even a one time watchable movie, one can wait for this movie to release on OTT platform and can watch it there. Don’t waste your money to watch this movie in theaters. Hence, I would like to give 1 star to this movie out of 5.

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