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Virat and Anushka Receive A Legal Notice From Arhhan Singh

Arhhan Singh; The man Anushka Sharma pulled up for throwing garbage on the road seeks an Apology from the stars.


A few days back Anushka Sharma pulled up a person in a luxury car for throwing garbage on the road. Virat Kohli supporting his wives Actions posted a short video. The Video instantly went viral. While some came in support of the Star Couple others thought it was not the appropriate decision to humiliate someone on social media.

Let’s have a look what Virat had to say then;

This paved the way for another endless twitter war, some were pretty constructive, some comments were vague. People involved became victims , heroes or villains.

In response to the video the Man who was caught littering wrote a most on facebook which said:

Its been quite a few days but it seems like Arhhan Singh wants to avenge the humiliation thus the stars have received a legal notice seeking an apology.

When sources of Pink Villa enquired they were told by Anushka’s spokes person that her legal team is taking care of it.

Well it’s getting way too interesting will the stars apologise is a question unanswered

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