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Vishal Bharadwaj Says That He Thinks That He Is A Gangster At Heart


Jyothi Venkatesh

The second day of the Film Bazaar 2018 carried forward the excitement of Day 1 with film pitches, exciting panel discussions and informative sessions on the potential of filming in different parts of the country. The last session in the evening had the acclaimed filmmaker and music composer, Vishal Bhardwaj talk about his films, his love for language and the many powerful female roles in his films in a session titled ‘Badlands and the ‘Gender’.When asked about the powerful female roles he’s written over the years he said, “I’ve seen that whenever a crisis comes, women come to the forefront. Men look physically strong but women are inherently stronger”.The audience – largely filmmakers – latched on to every word of his and enjoyed the bits from his films that were played in between. They peppered him with questions on his approach to filmmaking and directing actors. In response to one of these questions he said, “When I go to the set, I don’t tell my actors too much. I don’t open my cards, I give them the space. Sometimes they come up with really good ideas and when they don’t, I make suggestions, but in the process they start thinking for the character and caring for it”.He also spoke about how blessed he felt to be a filmmaker because it allowed him to live the lives of so many people as well as travel the world while doing what he loves. When asked where all the violence in his films comes from, he responded by saying that, ‘I feel like a gangster at heart’, drawing much applause and laughter from the audience.

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