Vishal Jethwa says ”I am blessed and feel grateful to the universe, It is so unexpected I feel as if on cloud 9” By Lipika Varma

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Vishal Jethwa says ”I am blessed and feel grateful to the universe, It is so unexpected I feel as if on cloud 9” By Lipika Varma

Vishal Jetwah is a personality to reckon with in TV/Films. Having debuted in Mardaani 2 as a villain has opened many doors for him. The latest one now, he has debuted with ,”Human” a medical thriller Directed by Vipul Amrutlal Shah to premiere soon on Disney + Hot Star on 14th jan,2022.

You have done religious, historical shows, debuted as a villain in Mardaani 2, how do you look at your short and happening journey?

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Yes, it may sound like a short and happening journey but it took me 11 years to be able to come here. When I started I was just 16 or 17.I did Maharana Pratap and a few mythological shows.

Mardaani -2, it feels as though it happened just now. I’m happy and get inspiration from It .I started from scratch and see my journey which has definitely reached somewhere.

People are giving me a lot of support and love. I am blessed and feel grateful to the universe. It is so unexpected .I feel as if on cloud 9.

You are an outsider. Do you agree you reached here only because of your talent?


My mom says normally I am very different in the roles I have played on TV and films. When I watch Mardaani...i just realize whether I had this emotion within me.

After director’s action I change into that character. I have an x factor which is not my effort. After performing I realize how come I did perform so well.

God had chosen me to do this with a lot of love. My family has supported me. My acting guru Sohaib Khan has taught me to act in a meticulous manner.

So many people have criticized me, I am thankful they criticized me and so I could work on that. It’s not only about appreciation but criticism also helps you.

How did you get the character of Mangu? What is your character?


Vipul sir said I was the first choice. Mukesh Chabra team and Vipul sir's team had called me to read the script.

I was a little reluctant to tap OTT Platform as I was unaware about the growth. Do it if you like it. I read glimpses of other characters and my role. I decided to opt for it

Adding about his character he says,” My character in Human is representing the lower middle class of India Mangu belongs from lower middle class and from the rural area of Bhopal.

He is also a teenager like other enthusiastic people who fulfill the needs of his family. Falls in bad company and wants to earn a fast buck.

The youth nowadays also want to make quick money any message you want to give to them?


I would tell them to just calm down. About money I would add one more thing I see for fame: people give huge amounts of money to get a lot of followers...likes. Also people upload the happy moments of their life.

No one has ever jotted down. I was scolded by mom and failed in this attempt. Viewers feel this is the reality. Life is full of ups and downs.

You face downfall and pass through something that is not favorable. They fall prey to wrong things and commit mistakes.

Don’t be in a hurry, you will get what you wish to achieve slowly and gradually. Have patience and work towards it.

What wrong doings you are doing in Human?


I want people to watch all the mistakes. It's relatable. Certain mistakes Mangu does need not be followed. You can learn from his mistakes and learn from the mistakes of others too.

Learning is a never ending process. What have you learned from your real life?

According to me and according to society there are a few mistakes that I have made. Personally they are not mistakes. But I used to feel guilty though for me those mistakes are ignorable.

Internally I learned we just have to forgive ourselves. It’s tough to do it. You must forgive yourself.You should be very nice to yourself.

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