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Vishnupriya Singh Launches Her Book The Hundred Bucks With Cast Of Film


Jyothi Venkatesh

Author Vishnupriya Singh who is just 17 years old wrote a book on Women staying at red light area. The Hundred Bucks is her second book. Probably in a first of sorts, the film rights of a book got sold even before the book hit the stands and that seems to be the story with The Hundred Bucks! Dushyant Pratap Singh has directed The Hundred Bucks which will release on 21st February. “My daughter, Vishnupriya Singh, who also happens to be a terrific writer and I was surprised that at such a young age she could write on a subject that’s heart-wrenching, realistic and terrifying all at once. When I first heard the story I was sure that this deserves to be made into a film and as they say, the rest is history,” says the proud father and also the director of the film Dushyant Pratap Singh.

Vishnupriya Singh

The Hundred Bucks is the story of one single night in Mumbai revolving around Mohini, a prostitute and her autodriver. How they struggle the whole night finding customers for money, deal with cops, politicians etc only to end up with a meagre 100 bucks at the end of it all is what this film is about. It’s a gritty tale of the lives and miseries of women who choose such means to make money but even at that their struggle is no end.

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