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Visually impaired fan writes in braille asking Rekha to meet Anmol 

RJ Anmol is admittedly a Rekha fanatic. He tells us, “Since I was a kid, I’ve been a huge fan of Rekha ji. By God’s grace, I have interacted with all the legends – be it Asha Bhonsle or Dev Anand saab and even Sadhana ji who gave an interview to me, first time ever in 30 years. I have tried many times to connect with Rekha ji to talk to her. But like we all know, she’s a little incommunicado and has those layers around her.”
He has come up with a music video titled Khwab Ho Tum which is a modern-day version of the song with the same name, from Dev Anand’s Teen Deviyan.
The RJ reveals, “I had been telling all my followers to come together and request her to meet me. That’s when I created the hashtag #RekhaMeetAnmol. In this process, I got a lovely message on Facebook from someone who wanted to connect with me regarding this. Her name is Neelima Surve who works in Chetna College in Bandra. She’s visually impaired and has been a fan of Rekha ji and has followed my voice for sometime. She has written a letter in braille, requesting Rekha ji to meet me. That really touched my heart because this kind of an emotion is something else.” He further adds, “She couldn’t deliver so I told her I’ll personally come, collect the letter and get it delivered. I went to meet her and we were both happy meeting each other. I got goosebumps when I got the letter written in braille. Along with that, there was also a translation done by her friend in Hindi and I was just blown away. Some people have also delivered flowers with notes to Rekha ji’s house but I haven’t still heard anything from their side.”

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