By Team Bollyy
New Update

Jyothi Venkatesh

After receiving applause for his chat shows ‘The Future of Life’ and ‘Success Plus', Vivek Agnihotri is gearing up to launch a new fact-based show in the lockdown period. Talking about it, Vivek says, “ This has been playing in my mind for quite a long time as people generally write from all perspectives, and this makes the news distorted and sometimes biased. I want to start a fact-based news show where I will present all the facts and research and leave it to the people to decide what is right and wrong.” A lot of fake news is doing rounds, which is the primary reason why Vivek wants to do something about it. The motto of the show is to help people use the information available on social media, news channels and use it creatively to grow and learn in life. “It is essential that we have a fact-based show which does not provide any misleading or fake news,” adds Vivek Agnihotri.

The VRA show will be conducted live on Facebook and is an attempt by Vivek Agnihotri to inspire people to use their creativity and science to understand broader concepts of life. He will be addressing topics like how dopamine is being used in social media applications to increase its usage among people and other similar issues. Info-wars, cyber wars and many such other topics of concern will be given due-importance in the chat show. Millennials can use the information from VRA show for constructively interesting things as Vivek Agnihotri brings VRA show to action soon.

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