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Vivian Dsena shares a secret espresso shot that keeps him hydrated and energized during summers


This year’s summer has been one of the hottest. So keeping things total and staying in fashion is quite a tough task. Vivian Dsena agrees and shares his fashion mantra for beating the heat. He also talks about getting ready for the monsoon – Jyothi Venkatesh

“Recently I found something that’s great. There’s a combination that I tried and liked. So basically it also hydrates you and it also keeps you energized, which is a cold espresso shot with some Coconut water with ice cubes and unsweetened milk is there and doesn’t make you feel thirsty.

It also increases your resting metabolism. I just tried it and saw how the effects work. I’m a student of science, So I know what I’m saying. When I heard a friend of mine talk about it, I tried it and was glad I did,” he says.

Ask if he has brought something especially for summers or monsoons and Vivian says, “Mumbai doesn’t have winter (laughs). My usual clothes are only my summer clothes.

I usually wear track pants, shorts, tee I wear shirts, caps and slippers. And the same applies to all seasons in Mumbai because I don’t buy clothes specifically for the season. I always wear very simple clothes.”

Are you shopping a lot this time as we are stuck at home due to the pandemic for the last two monsoons? “I shop online. My friend has a clothing business, I buy a lot from there. My clothes are simple anyway.

I am not a brand conscious person. I feel comfortable in whatever I am wearing There is no point in buying the most expensive T-shirt or pants in which I am not comfortable. Money or brand can never take the place of my choice or comfort,” he says.

Talking about her skincare regimen for monsoon, Vivian said that it is as simple as his choice of clothes.“Moisturizer and coconut oil are two things that are very important to me.

If you have oily skin then you should not apply coconut oil on your face. I have dry skin, so I use it thrice a week. And also, once you remove your makeup, after washing your face apply any normal face moisturizer with a good clinically approved face wash,” he adds.

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