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Vraddhi’s Take On The Payal Ghosh-anurag Kashyap Sexual Exploitation


Jyothi Venkatesh

The entire film industry is agog with the allegation of sexual exploitation of starlet Payal Ghosh against the ace filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, alleged to have happened six years ago when Black Velvet was being made. Here’s what starlet Vraddhi Sharma has to say on the controversial topic to us at Says Vraddhi Sharma, “I am really wondering what time the film industry is running.It’s been ages since we have been able to hear good news, but again and again we are hearing something bad only. Honestly putting such allegations on someone creates a dilemma and confusion and straight away blaming a renowned director without any proof is difficult to digest, that  also after so many years of gap, I really don’t understand corruption is all over , everywhere. Why the collar of the film industry is caught all the time after all industry is run by human beings only. It’s really painful to hear such things.. I don’t easily accept it. I highly respect the film industry and all the directors and if such things really happen, the voice should be raised by any female at that time only and not after six years elapse.”