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“Want To Bring Inclusive Narratives To Life”: Dia Mirza


Dia Mirza has always had a focussed but quiet intensity that digs deep to find purpose and a thread of continuity. When last year, she received the  Best Actress trophy for her role in Zee5’s much-acclaimed Kaafir, she saw synchronicity in the fact that the honor for a story of shared humanity and oneness had come on Guru Purab. A sacred day rooted in the idea of Ek Onkar.

Even her use of #HumanityIsMyReligion in her social media posts, underscores gently and persistently that there is more to connect us than to divide us. As she says, synchronicities arrive with focus. And in 2019, there were many.

Her work as a UN’s Goodwill Ambassador took her to New York to be a part of a global climate summit.  She was also appointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as an advocate to drive political will for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This too was a culmination of years of grassroots activism to raise awareness about environmental preservation.

As she says, “Climate change is a reality and we need to start getting our hands dirty to clean and protect what is left of the natural world.” Bureaucrats, artists, governments, civil society must work together, she says because, without synergy, we cannot achieve anything.

This search for constructive collaborations has been a part of her creative journey as well. “2019 has been a consolidation of 14 years of work, of the search for stories that say something beyond the obvious,” she says.

And so in 2019, she started her own independent production house One India Stories through which she hopes to bring inclusivity in narratives in the years to come.

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