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Warm welcome for Ronnie Rodrigues from Kushal Dhuri and Mansoor Wahab at reopening of Blue Octane Kitchen-Bar… By Chaitanya Padukone


Publisher of CineBuster magazine Ronnie Rodrigues, known for his benevolence, graced the occasion of Grand re-opening of “Blue Octane Kitchen & Bar” located at Versova (Mumbai) as a special guest. The restaurant’s CEO, founder Nikhil Tapre and co- owners Kushal Dhuri and Mansoor Wahab welcomed Ronnie warmly. Among the other special VIP  guests were  Manish Dhuri, Dheeraj Shetty, comedian Sunil Pal, Rajkumar Kanojia, and Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera

Dynamic CEO Nikhil Tapre disclosed, “This premium place Blue Octane KB is awesome with live band music played here. This is one such rare affordable restaurant where the whole family can come and enjoy, even their little kids would love to visit. College students, youngsters can also enjoy here within reasonable limited budget.”

Ronnie Rodrigues thanked Kushal Dhuri and Mansoor Wahab for inviting him and said, “ I really enjoyed the  atmosphere out here. The food is tasty and the ambience is top class. All can enjoy this place as variety of music is played and they can have fun with family and friends. I wish the owners all the best.”

Comedian Sunil Pal while conveying his best  wishes to co-owners Kushal and Mansoor said “This is a very good restaurant with live music as well as delicious food. Its location is very good. As Ronnie Rodrigues has a special presence here, I consider myself fortunate to have been invited to this Grand re opening of this resto-bar and it was really memorable to spend quality time here.”

Owner Mansoor Wahab said, “We started out in 2008 and are reopening this place now after refurnishing it. We do not compromise on food quality. Also, we have offer courteous and swift service for the benefit of customers. Orders  reach the customer almost immediately as soon as they are placed. Our restaurant opens from 1 o’clock in the afternoon.”

Dheeraj Shetty said, “Everyone has said a lot here. People can come here and have a new experience. From lighting to live music, starters to food, there are plenty of great items that are amazing for the entire family.”

Multi-faceted co-owner Kushal Dhuri said, “We express our gratitude to all the guests, media including Ronnie ji, Sunil Pal ji for coming here. We want to reach into the hearts of the people through good food and better service. If we get the support of people, then we are planning expansion of this franchise.”

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