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Watch Animated Amazon Original Series Undone And Other Exciting Titles On Amazon Prime Video 

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Jyothi Venkatesh

This week Amazon Prime Video brings its audience a unique animated drama fantasy Amazon Original Undone. The story focuses on a woman who discovers she has a new relationship with time after surviving a car accident that almost killed her. The 8-part series is created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy and stars Rosa Salazar, Constance Marie and Siddharth Dhananjay.Through his dark, melancholic yet hilarious new Amazon Stand up special, Going Downhill, comedian Neville Shah narrates his struggles with adulthood, divorce and depression. Watch him crumble and rise as he brings these anecdotes to life starting September 13, 2019 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.Amazon Original docu-series El Corazón de Sergio Ramos brings to life various aspects of Spanish Football star Sergio Ramos. The Spanish docuseries is available to watch starting September 13, 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. Shortly after their theatrical releases, Prime Video presents the digital premiere  of Telugu crime-drama blockbuster Evaru directed by Venkat Ramji and Malayalam comedy title Ambili, directed by Johnpaul George, exclusively on the service. 


 Undone is a half-hour, genre-bending animated series that explores the elastic nature of reality through its central character Alma, a twenty-eight-year-old living in San Antonio, Texas. After getting into a car accident and nearly dying, Alma finds she has a new relationship with time. She develops this new ability in order to find out the truth about her father’s death.


In this show, Neville narrates stories about his struggles with his age, being orphaned, adulthood, death, depression, divorce and suicide. This isn’t the only thing that doesn’t make it a regular stand up special, it’s also that he’s performing the show sitting down. He treats his audience like his therapist and pretty much leaves them bereft of hope but bloated with laughter. It’s dark, it’s poignant, it’s melancholic but it’s hilarious.

Considered one of the comics with the darkest material in India, Neville doesn’t disappoint. The topics he deals with are narrated anecdotally, making them approachable. He doesn’t make fun of them; he makes fun about them. Afflictions, vulnerabilities and flaws are part of human beings and Neville takes his feelings about them, analyses and then presents them. It’s a perspective of someone who is going through them. And while you see him crumble and rise with each story, you can also see him going downhill. 


Sergio Ramos captains two powerhouse teams – The Spanish National Team and Real Madrid. Both teams’ rollercoaster of a season is documented through the lens of the press, fans and Sergio himself. Off the field, Sergio’s passions and family life stabilize him as he enjoys the every-day life as a father of three, a partner to his fiancée, Pilar Rubio, and as an Andalusian (or PRE) stud farmer.


Sub-inspector Vikram Vasudev is entrusted with the task of investigating the murder of a high ranking officer who was killed by his alleged rape victim. When he delves deeper into the case he uncovers some surprising facts. Starring Adivi Sesh, Naveen Chandra, Regina Cassandra and Murali Sharma, Evaru is directed by Venkat Ramji.


Guileless like a child and ever so full of life, Ambili is beloved by everyone in his village. The story traces Ambili’s outlook towards life and of challenges others surrounding him that face him on an everyday basis. The film is directed by Johnpaul George and stars Soubin Shahir, Naveen Nazim, Tanvi Ram, Jaffer Idukki amongst others.


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