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Watch Out For A Brand New Ott Platform Called Filmystations Which Focuses On “More Than Just Entertainment”


Jyothi Venkatesh

Today, in post covid India, OTT platforms which drum out shallow entertainment and try to build an audience base, are just too many. But FILMYSTATIONS has taken a different path, a path of hard-research and in-depth analysis of the Indian minds, and has discovered a ray of hope called, “enlightened engagement”! And the results have been derived from multiple talks, surveys and analysis in 16 country wise zones of targeted audiences! More than a dozen of storytellers, including 5 national and international award-winning directors have come together to tell these yet untouched tales from the real Indian soils, and finally these indigenous FILMYSTATIONS originals are ready to be dished out to the entire world!

“A vulnerable mix of emotional turbulence and positive vibes!”, this is how the CMD of the platform, Mr. Sarthak, describe his content mix! Talking about how FILMYSTATIONS can be a ray of hope for highly productive, engaging and value adding content, international award-winning director Mr. Hemant Nilim who debuted with an one take Hindi feature film Pocket Gangsters, starring Oscar-winning Slumdog millionaires famed actor Madhur Mittal, says, “I am ecstatic and super-excited as a viewer and a storyteller, as FILMYSTATIONS is an ensemble match of genre-bending formats as it tells stories from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and will hold your breath, with surprises! The contents are extremely relatable, emotional, funny and sparklingly engaging! It is truly more than entertainment”. 

Filmystations has web-station (web-series), film-station and Music-station which can be equally consumed by the youth and the family, in the drawing room! “It is a family entertainment platform which will inspire you to live a fulfilling and fair life!”, says Ashish Walinjkar, Developer at Filmystations. Ashish looks at the Marathi content division, in its Mumbai office. Beyond Marathi, the platform is  steadily strengthening other regional content delivery capabilities, focusing on Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Assamese and Gujarati languages! Filmystations aims at becoming a dominant OTT platform for Indian audiences across the world and its mission is to tell consumer driven storytelling, always! The app can be downloaded from google play store and IOS store; and the viewers can visit the website for tasting the originals’ first episodes free, before they become paid subscribers!