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We Don’t Make Shows For Money, Want To Make Only Quality Products, Says Binaifer Kohli


Jyothi Venkatesh

Despite being the kings of comedy, producer-duo Binaifer and Sanjay Kohli are yet to make their foray into the web. Binaifer says that while they would love to make something for this space as well, they were so occupied with their current shows, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain, Happu Ki Ultan Paltan and Jijaji Chhat Par Hain, and were unable to find the time to do more at the moment. “We haven’t done any web series so far despite being the number one production house for comedy. We don’t have time from our shows as we dedicate so much time and effort towards these shows. Our shows are like our children. We don’t make shows for money and we want to make only quality products. But we will look at making something for the web in the future. We also have a great new show coming up for a major channel which we will talk about later. We are also doing a movie,” says Binaifer.

Sanjay Kohli and Binaifer Kohli

In fact, they have got a lot of support from the channel too. “We have two shows on & TV and it’s amazing. That whole team is great, whether it’s from the people at the top Puneet Goenka ji, Puneet Mishra ji, Vishnu ji, Amitabh Ji…they are all so trusting and so accommodating. They trust us with the scripts and how we want to use what, if we want to bring in characters/themes/certain things or remove certain things, they give us the freedom to do that. They are so nice and really loving towards us that it so motivates us. It’s like one big family,” she says. Infact we were there from the launch of ZEE TV so it’s like it’s your child.I am very professional but Sanjay and team are very emotionally driven so they are focused only on creative decisions. I realized their mindset has to be happy and relaxed to create so I handle all the problems, discussions, arguments. I realized many years ago that we needed a relaxed environment and mindset to create. Infact a lot of times I have been told “ we visited your set and realized that the shooting was going on smoothly and the vibes were very positive”.We look forward to taking the current shows to greater heights and doing some new shows too.

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