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“We Want Self Regulation More Than No Regulation”, Says Shri Amit Khare


Special Report On FICCI By Jyothi Venkatesh

Delivering the keynote address at the FICCI, Shri Amit Khare, Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, said that though he is a bureaucrat, he prefers less regulations and ideally would prefer to have self regulation rather than no regulation at all as far as government policies from time to time are concerned, since he is of the opinion that it is the only way to enable the film industry to grow. Mr Khare added that the FICCI notes prepared by Dina helps the Ministry in taking various policy decisions every year. Mr Khare added that he endorsed the statement of our honorable me Minister Shri Narendra Modi that we should have a global summit every year in order to develop Indian film industry so that we can easily compete with various other countries as far as films are concerned, not only qualitatively but also as far as quantity is concerned.

Mr Khare said that the government is intersed in helping the film industry in India to grow so that in turn the government also can be benefitted a lot. “We have already reduced the GST rate from 28 % to 18% as far as entertainment tax is concerned. We have succeeded a lot in eradicating the dreaded issue of piracy. Mr Uday Singh of the Star Group has played a very vital role in discussions with the Ministry of Finance in all the major policy decisions which h have helped the film industry prosper in a big way. Today we have 875 private channels and 24 Doordarshan channels. If private sector makes 200 films every year, NFDC which is a government wing makes very few because the government wants to play the role of a facilitator not a regulator  and wants to encouraged co-production amongst two or three countries in the world

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