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“Wearing The Ring Is Big Hassle As I Don’t Wear Rings At All In Real Life”- Ritvik Arora


Ritvik  Arora the chocolate boy from Rajan Shahi’s Ye Risthey Hai Pyar Ke speaks about the show to JYOTHI VENKATESH!

How did you feel on getting engaged on TV?

It was not the first time I have been engaged on screen so it brought a lot of memories from my previous show. I am pretty young so the feeling is very different and moreover wearing the ring is big hassle as I don’t wear rings at all.

People are loving Kunal and Kuhu as a couple whats your reaction?

Well if they are already loving it, its great because we haven’t even started with the romance yet, so yes good news might be in store for all the kunhu fans.

Ritvik Arora- Kaveri Priyam_c

Do you believe in arrange marriage or love marriage ? 

I might be too young to believe in the concept of marriage itself, but to each his own. An individual should do whatever they are comfortable with.

Are you currently seeing anyone in your life? If not what kind of a girl you would like to date?

I would like to talk about my relationships when there is a formal commitment, I would like to date someone who is very understanding and supportive of whatever I do ,as I would do the same.

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