Web series 7th Sense is back with a bang! Rebooted, Revamped and in a new Avatar is all set to revolutionise the OTT platform.

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Web series 7th Sense is back with a bang! Rebooted, Revamped and in a new Avatar is all set to revolutionise the OTT platform.

Producer Gaurang Doshi collaborates with Devo ke Dev Mahadev fame Nikhil Sinha to Direct the project.
Party Anthem ‘CASANOVA’ and Sensational track “SONIYE” already shot in Dubai to be featured in 7th Sense.

Rick Ross

A little birdie told us that the much awaited web series of Gaurang Doshi- 7th Sense, all rebooted, revamped, and reignited promising to give a larger-than-life cinematic experience is back with a bang! Popular director & producer Nikhil Sinha who has made TV shows like Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Siya Ke Ram and Prem Ya Paheli: Chandrakanta, has been roped in to direct the web series in Dubai. News is that Pre-production has begun, some of the renowned names from the film and OTT fraternity have been signed and three songs featuring international music sensations will be integrated in 7th Sense web series changing the face of OTT platforms. Recently released hit party number CASANOVA and yet to be released SONIYE have already been shot in Dubai.

Jason Derulo

The Afro-party-song titled ‘Casanova’ featuring YoYo Honey Singh, the "Gucci Gang" American rapper Lil Pump and Music Producer DJ Shadow Dubai is being incorporated in the web series as promo track. The second track is called Soniye featuring international sensation Jason Derulo, Harnoor and the Bollywood beauties Urvashi Rautela and Erica Fernandes. Under production is the third song with American Rapper Rick Ross which will also be part of 7th Sense.

Director Producer Nikhil Sinha

In a recent conversation about revamping the project and his inspiration to do so, Gaurang Doshi, Bollywood Producer and Owner of Gaurang Doshi Productions, said, “All good things take time and remoulding simply makes it larger than ever. By the grace of God, the project is on track and I heartily appreciate the love and support of my cast and crew who stood strong all this while and believed in me and the project. I am deeply grateful to Mahesh Chaturvedi and Madhu Bhandari for being supportive and encouraging all throughout. When it comes to inspiration, my mom has been my biggest strength since the moment she brought me into this world. Every time I'm at a difficult phase in life, I simply close my eyes and think what she would suggest to me to do and just in the blink of the moment I know what's best. More”

Ace Producer Gaurang Doshi

Sharing further about working with Nikhil Sinha as a Director, Gaurang said, “I have always believed in taking a different approach when it comes to his projects. Since it's Nikhil's debut OTT, he will have fresh ideas and concepts for direction unlike the regular releases on the platforms. It will be a new and interesting journey with my director and the never seen before star cast. After having Nikhil on board, we have changed the entire concept and made it larger than life as I believe script is your power and it is essential to feel the importance of the concept to make it realistic. Nikhil is as much of a content obsessed person as I am, so it makes life easier discussing our extraordinary ideas and bringing it to life. After spending a massive amount on writing for this project finally I have someone with me who can match the thought process and that makes me happy, and I look forward to having everyone in Dubai for the shoot very soon”.

Lil Pump

The web series will have total 8 Episodes of 45 minutes each and the screenplay has been written by Nikhil Sinha, Majid Ali and Gaurang Doshi.

Speaking about his collaboration with Gaurang Doshi and Directing 7th Sense, Nikhil Sinha said, “Gaurang’s extreme passion towards cinema and experimental attitude, really impressed me. When I heard the basic premise of 7th sense, it immediately clicked with me, and I could see the immense potential this idea has to offer. I hope we can create something spectacular out of it. We have already shot music videos which are international in flavour, studded with the world’s leading stars like Jason Derulo, Lil Pump, Rick Ross and are first of its kind east- west amalgamation, 7th sense also would be equally global in perspective with multinational approach in story, premise, cast and crew. 7th sense is going to take audiences into a new territory, and I hope it will set a new genre for Indian audiences”.

Jason Derulo

Bafleh Jewellery has joined hands with Gaurang Doshi as the brand partner for the web series 7th Sense. Established in the year 1992 by Mr. Ramesh Vora and Quwaider Bafleh and ably led by Mr. Chirag Vora today, 'Bafleh Jewellery' is one of the leading wholesale and retail jewellery companies in UAE and GCC. The actors will be seen wearing gold and diamond jewellery collections from their brand partners in the web series.


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