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Producer- Ullu

Director- Anil Sharma

Star Cast: Aman Verma, Nehal Vadoliya and Ajit Jha

Genre- Thriller

Rating- **1/2

Platform- MXPlayer


Jyothi Venkatesh

This first season of the four episode erotic web series almost bordering on horror is the story of a nurse called Julie (Nehal Vadoliya) who works in a private hospital. Everything is going smooth in her life, till one day when one day everything changes in her life when psycho colleague Mahendra enters into her life and gets attracted to her. The colleague also working with her in the same hospital (Ajit Jha) falls in love with her like a possessed madman. Mahendra stalks her everywhere and when Julie asks him to stop he does pay any heed to what she says.

The effortless and carefree life of young Julie turns into a series of mysterious events when the psycho possessed lover chases her relentlessly and that too persistently.  How Julie gets rid of him or deals with him and what changes Julie’s life, is unfolded in the four episodes of the gripping web series. It remains to be seen whether Julie is able to survive from these immoral and sinful endeavors. The fourth episode ends on a note of suspense with Julie setting out to rescue Mahendra in her bed and doing away with him by slitting his neck with a knife in a mysterious fashion and the Inspector played by Aman Verma pursuing Julie determined to find out the culprit, who is involved in the disappearance of Mahendra since Julie has hidden his body in the basement of the hospital away from every one’s eye.

The USP of this web series is undoubtedly its bold scenes. It has quite a few erotic scenes, where unabashedly Nehal Badolia displays ample body of herself to the delight of voyeurs. As far as performances go, while Aman Verma has been wasted in the four episodes without any scope to express his emotions, it is Nehal Vadoliya who scores and makes an impact with her expressive eyes and emotive face while Mahendra is just about average  with only his muscle as his asset.

On the whole, Julie is an interesting erotic thriller with a difference with an intriguing plot with different shades and has the backdrop of sex and horror, which will definitely succeed in making the viewer remain engrossed to whatever, is unfolding on the screen, all thanks top director Anil Sharma

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