What did Navid Sole have to say about his unfair eviction and fight with Sana and Arun?

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Navid Sole unfair eviction

Let us tell you what Bigg Boss Season 17 contestant Navid Sol told us about his unfair eviction, fights with Sana and Arun inside the show, and other contestants.

How was your Bigg Boss 17 journey?

My journey was very good, I got to experience something new. This was once in a lifetime experience. I also made very good friends there.

How do you look back at your Bigg Boss 17 journey, did you find your eviction unfair?

Yes, that was wrong because I was evicted by the contestant through internal elimination which was wrong. After all, eviction is done by public voting. I had received very good messages from my fans, and I am getting them even today, that I had done well in the show, and how I was evicted from the show was wrong. It was unfair to evict me because of translation. This decision was wrong.

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Are you disappointed with some contestants?

Yes, I am disappointed with Arun, Tehelka, and Anurag because they chose my name. I think they should have chosen someone else's name. I have shown my true personality in the show, I have shown myself exactly as I am. Some people are not doing anything in the show, they are very boring and are boring people too. It was a wrong decision, but I am very grateful that I got this opportunity. I have learned a lot from this. I am happy that I was able to stay indoors for six weeks.

Recently Jigna Vohra was evicted, do you think her eviction was right?

Jigna is a beautiful lady but I think the people who were with Jigna in the elimination were stronger than Jigna, so I was feeling that she would be evicted.

You have made a lot of connections with everyone inside the house, when your eviction happened, everyone in the house was crying, how were you feeling at that moment?

It was a very emotional moment when everyone started crying. I had good connections with everyone, and everyone loved me very much. Like Abhishek was crying for me, it was very heartbreaking for me, I love him very much. I really can't wait to meet them out of the house. We will have a big party. I would hope that someday they will come with me to London, I would like to take them around London.


Orry also went inside Bigg Boss's house, what would you like to say about that?

Don't you think they tried to bring someone like me? (Witty) Orry coming into the house was quite interesting because I think Orry and I have similar personalities, we love to have fun. I think Bigg Boss was trying to bring someone like me, but even Bigg Boss also knows that there is no one like Navid.

What would you like to say, Orry also seems interested in Abhishek.

Everyone likes Abhishek. I was in the house for forty days, I have a stronger connection with Abhishek, and that is enough.

You had two fights inside the house, one with Arun and the other with Sana, now what is your opinion regarding both of them?

I fight only when I feel that I am being wronged. I don't fight for cameras and footage. Sana has supported me but she did not nominate me in the recent nomination. I was nominated only by Tehelka, Arun, and Anurag. I have no respect for Arun, I think he was very manipulative, I don't like such people at all.

Sana Raees Khan

You had a very good bond with Sana, you were upset by just one thing she said.

We had a very good connection. During a task, she made a joke about my translation, and because of this, I got angry with her, because they kept talking about my translation on every other issue.

Who do you think will be the contestant who will go to the end of the show?

Abhishek. I like Abhishek very much. He is a very cute and nice person, his heart is very clean, and that’s why I like him. I think Ankita Lokhande can also go till the end. She is exactly like my sister, I call her Mummy because she used to take care of me inside the house exactly like my mother. I have a lot of love for Ankita.

Do you think there are contestants inside the house who fight for cameras and footage?

Yes, some people fight for cameras and footage. There was a fight between Arun and Sana over onion, it was for the footage. There is no use in having a fake fight. You fight when there is an issue. The show is about personality and I feel that some people don't have that personality.

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There are two couples in the show, Ankita-Vicky, and Neil-Aishwarya, which one would you like to choose?

I like both the couples. I have developed a different connection with them. They will always be my best friends. They are very good people, I wish only the best for them, I can't say anything bad about them.

In the recent episode, Neil has been nominated in place of Anurag till the end of the show. What do you think is this fair or unfair to Neil?

No, it was not right to do this at all. I think Anurag is a weak player, he always keeps complaining, and he also disrespected Bigg Boss and Salman sir. I don't understand why he is in Bigg Boss. He had also said in one episode that he wanted to leave the house. He should be thrown out of the house.

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At the beginning of the show, Anurag said that Ankita was getting more footage because she is a popular television actress and other YouTubers are not getting footage. So do you think he says this just to stay in the show?

Of course, he says this only to stay in the show, he is trying to gain attention. He is doing this to go further in the game, but I think this is a very weak way to go further in the game. And disrespecting Salman Khan says a lot about him.

Anything you would like to tell me about your upcoming projects?

I am soon going to do a project with Abdu Rojik and Zaid who are my very good friends. I am very happy to be in India. I love India.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you all very much for supporting me and supporting me in this journey. I hope I have inspired you to be yourself. Enjoy your life, I love you all very much.

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