What did Tehelka Bhai have to say after the big boss eviction?

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What did Sunny Arya, who made his name as Tehelka Bhai, say about the other contestants of the house after being evicted from Bigg Boss 17?

What is the reason for you being out of the Bigg Boss house so soon?

There is a very big reason behind this. You all know Abhishek, he keeps instigating everyone to fight. But for some days he was targeting Arun Bhai whom I love very much. Whenever Arun was arguing with someone, Abhishek used to come in between. Recently, Arun was arguing with Isha and he also intervened. I was watching all this, and now when he targeted Arun, I told him that you are targeting Arun. If you have seen the episode, you will know that I have asked him this at least seven to eight times and told him not to speak in Arun's matter. In response to this, he said that he would come and then I lost my temper and pushed him. As it is being shown in the media that I have held Abhishek's neck, there is nothing like that, I have just held his shirt and pushed him. After this incident, Karan sir announces that I will have to go out of the house. I am very disappointed about this. Anurag had also caught hold of Arun's collar and pushed him. Bigg Boss had forgiven him, I have also committed many big-level mistakes and Bigg Boss had also given me a chance, if he had forgiven me about this, and if given a second chance, I would not have made such a mistake again. I took Arun's stand, we had promised each other that we would support each other, we have come together and will go together and will create a stir.


Do you feel that you have been wronged because, during the time of Archana Gautam, she was given a second chance?

Bigg Boss is the real boss, whatever he says will have to be done and obeyed. I don't think it was right to argue with Karan Sir. I would have done the same even if Salman sir was there. I realize my mistake, I have also accepted my mistake in front of Bigg Boss and Salman sir, and I just want to say that if I have had another chance, I would not have made such a mistake again. My eviction like this is shocking even for me.

As you said you regret whatever you did. You never took a stand for yourself, you always took a stand for Arun, and today you are even out of the house because of Arun, so what would you like to say about this?

I am not out of the house because of Arun. I love Arun Bhai very much and I have taken a stand for him, and it is not that he has not taken a stand for me, he has taken a stand for me too. Karan sir had also asked Abhishek whether it was his matter, to which he had said that it was not his matter, and despite that, he came in between. I promised my brother that no matter what happens, I will stand by you. You must have seen that when I was coming out, Arun was crying a lot, he had fallen crying, he said while crying, “Tehelka, I don't want to stay in this house anymore, I want to go out with you”. Her love is a very precious gift for me. I did not at all feel that I was out because of Arun Bhai. My biggest mistake was that I pushed Abhishek, I should have argued with him, but I was under a lot of pressure because he was repeatedly targeting Arun. When I came out, I read comments that say I was angry and kept quarreling with everyone, but if you have seen the show then you would know that I have not had any quarrel with anyone except Anurag and Abhishek. I never argued with anyone. What Abhishek does has never happened before. I have very good relations with the entire family, I have talked to every girl with great respect as a sister, and I have never had any bad intentions towards anyone. I have made everyone laugh, and done mimicry, even Salman Sir has made me do mimicry. Salman sir was also liking my mimicry. I and Arun were on one side and the rest of the house was on the other. We never thought that we would become part of the herd.

Bigg Boss 17 Arun Mashetty

Your wife has shared a video in which she has said that she has no regrets if you have come out because of Arun, she is not blaming anyone, and what would you like to say about this?

The whole country and my family also know how much I love Arun Bhai. Bigg Boss house has given me a priceless gift, he is my brother.

Your eviction was shocking for all of us because you were doing well. When you came out, what was the reaction of the rest of the house apart from Arun?

I have seen Bigg Boss before, and this was the first time that every member of the house cried. But my brother Arun was very broken, and I don't think he will be able to survive inside the house for long without me because our love is very different which I cannot explain. I have assured Arun that he will not give up and will come out victorious. Inside Bigg Boss, sir said that everyone is having a fake relationship, and there is only one true relationship and that is between Arun and Tehelka. I am happy that I have not left home empty-handed, I have left with the love of my brother Arun.


There was news that your wife is going to enter the house as a wild card, so now that you have come out, will she enter?

Nothing is known right now. I can't say anything about this.

It is being said that because of you, Arun's game got spoiled because both of you only stayed in bed and did not do anything else, what would you like to say about this?

People inside the house initially thought that Tehelka and Arun live together, it was not that Arun's game was spoiled because of me. We had already decided that we would not run after anyone for support, the rest of the people in the house were doing the same. Everyone else formed their groups, but we never felt that if we did not form a group, we would be left out. We had the courage that we were stronger than even two fifteen people. And the matter of us always staying on the bed, if you have seen, we entertained a lot, we did mimicry in front of the camera, and Arun spoke in the Hyderabadi language. The people in the house who said this must not have known what we were doing inside the room, they just needed an excuse to make the nomination. Their only problem was that we did not talk to them, this was because our way of playing the game was completely different. Bigg Boss has also said many times that here people live very much in groups, and we do not want to be a part of the group.

Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar PUSHES Arun Srikanth

What would you like to say about Abhishek?

Abhishek is very fond of the camera right from the beginning, he even told Khanzadi that if we talk about love, the camera will turn towards us. All his screaming and shouting was for the camera. You must have seen that during one episode, I had hit him by throwing a wooden spoon and he started shouting that he would have got stabbed by saying that there was a knife in it, after which Bigg Boss also scolded him and gave him punishment for his lies. Because of that, no one in the family would talk to him. In the recent episode, after Karan sir left, he threw the mike and started shouting that I did not get justice. And then when Karan sir came the next day and asked me to come out of the house, Abhishek started apologizing that he did not mean to throw me out of the house, he also requested Bigg Boss not to send me out of the house. He cried a lot, he also felt guilty about this, and he also said that he would never be able to forgive himself because I came out because of him. Now he will regret that he should not have screamed after seeing the camera. He will feel that because of the way he behaved today, I am out.

Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal

The matter of Bro-Sena was stretched too much, and because of that Anurag was even ready to volunteer eviction, so did whatever happened to Anurag happen because of Bro-Sena?

If I talk about Anurag, there is a lot of negativity in his mind, he takes everything in the wrong way. Salman sir was praising him lovingly, he oppositely took his words. If Bigg Boss motivates him, he misinterprets his words. He is more worried about outside than at home, he always has the thought in his mind about what people might be talking about him, whether he might be being made fun of. We all have tried to explain it to him but he does not understand. The most surprising thing is that he has been highlighted the most inside the Bigg Boss house, he was given the most opportunities, he was made a judge, he was made to dance, he was made to laugh, he was kept in the front. Even on such a big platform which is India's number 1 show, it is turning negative, and so, I can't say anything about it. It was my duty to explain it to him and I have also told him to play the game positively.

Bigg Boss 17: Sana Khan And Vicky Jain

You were going to nominate Sana but on Vicky's request you nominated Neil, so why didn't you take a stand there?

Sana is such a lady who goes out and tells us our things and makes false promises to us that she has not shared our things with anyone. If we talk about Neil, once Aishwarya had nominated me and then she came to me and said that you had targeted me in the beginning so I have taken revenge, and that is why I remained silent during Neil's matter.

Your game improved because of Vicky, what would you like to say about it?

It didn't happen because of Vicky. Even before that, we were playing our own game. We entertained people even before they joined us.

Who do you see in the top 3?

Munawar, Vicky, Ankita and Arun

What special did you do for Arun while leaving the house?

Arun gave me the status of elder brother, and he touched my feet.

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