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What Is Happening In The Country Today, Happened Thirty Five Years Ago In A Film Called “Inquilaab” Starring Amitabh Bachchan

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Ali Peter John

I am like  all right-thinking  and right  -feeling  Indians still reeling  and staggering  under  the  impact of  what  happened  on the  campus  of  the JNU University  on Friday  night  and how  the  skulls  of young girl students  were smashed  by hoodlums  hidden  behind  masks and  seemingly  protected  by the  police  who  were  misguided  by their  mai-baaps in nai-dilli and as i make brave efforts  to  recover  from  the  shock  ,i don’t  know  why my  mind goes back  to  a film  called ” Inquilaab”. I had seen  a film full thirty  five years  ago .It was  a shocking  and eye -opening  and heart-stirring  film to say the least .
It was no doubt an exaggerated  version of what  was going  on in the  atmosphere  of the politics  of the time  in Bharat  or India or Hindustan  as it was  called  according  to  every  Indian’s convince  and adjustable  and mallpable conviction  and  changeable  conscience  .
Every scene  in  the  film  was  a  reflection  of  the  realities  in life around  ,specially  in the realms  of  the  dirty and  dangerous  game of politics  which  was being  played  on casteist ,communal and corrupt  to the  core lines .
There  is one particular  round table scene  in which  two senior leaders of  a government  who knows  that it has played its role disastrously  during it’s term  and  now has to think and has to use its collective  destructive  mind  to think  of  how to get back.  the  common  man  who  has lost all faith in them and  their  government back on their  side  again……
It is  at this time  that Kadar Khan ‘s political  mind works at its  very  best  ,even better  than  any  of  the  most  polished  and wicked  and cunning  politician anywhere  in the  country  or the world  .He addresses his cabinet  which  is  a  bunch  of  Yesmen and  tells  them about  his plan on how  their  own  government  will have  to  create  situations of unrest  ,murders ,mayhem,interacaste riots of the  worst  kind between Hindus  and  Muslims  ,between  Muslims  and  Muslims  ,between  Hindus  and  Christians ,between  the  upper  castes and the lower castes ,between  students  and  teachers   and between  the  labour  class  and the employees  .He tells  his foolish  followers  who are ministers  in high positions  in  his cabinet  that  he  would  need money  to  be raised  for this operation  to be carried  out  which  was  a  must if their  government  had to  be  returned  to  power .One of  his  ministers  asks him if fifty lakhs would  do, but he  looks disappointed  ,but finally  says  that  it  would  do for a beginning  .It was  a  sinister  political  scene  ,the like of which  had  never  been  seen  in  hindi films  before  ……..
But what about  the role of  Amitabh Bachchan  in the  film ,Inquilaab” ?He is  the  young  angry  politician who  joins  politics  to bring about a fiery revolution  (inquilaab”)in politics  .He  keeps  fighting  against  the  evil plans  of the  ever so dirty politicians  ,till he cannot  take it any more and finally  to show the  mass reactions  of the  masses ,he enters Parliament  with  an Ak-47 and brutally guns down all the  corrupt  and  wild politicians and surrenders  himself  to  the police ….
Courtesy of ULTRA
*The scene of this video is from the movie “Inquilaab” released in 1984. Today, 35 years later, this video is 100% accurate in relation to the current situation in our country. Politicians are unnecessarily provoking the people of this country for their malafide intent.*
The  film  was  instantly  banned  by  the Censors ,but Amitabh  who still  had his political  clout used  it and the  film was  passed with minimum  cuts  .There  was  a  great  deal of  excitement  over  the  film  all over  the  country  ..
But some of  the  excitement  was dinned when  Rajesh Khanna  who  was  trying  to fight one  more last battle to try and  beat his old rival  Amitabh  at his own  game started a film  called “Aaj ka MLA Ram Avtaar”which  was also based on  political  corruption  but  was a  softer and  almost  a comic  version  .The makers of  both  the films  tried to  relase their  films around the  same  time  ,which  many experts  said  was  a  very  foolish  thing  to do and they were  proved right  ,because  both  the  films flopped  miserably  ,Inquilaab in spite of. Amitabh  and  his angry  young man  image  at his peak  …
Will some one  their  dare to relase  “Inquilaab “in many more  theatres and  multiplexes  all over India,in every  village nook ,crammy and  gully where  the  boys and  the generation  of  today which  is  not  showing  enough  interest in the  politicians  and  their  politics  of  today will wake  up  to the  realities  and decide  to  take  action  ,not the  violent  time  ,but the  peaceful  time as possible  ,because  if  they  don’t  wake up,the politicians  will continue to  have  a  field day and  the  future of  the youth will be  dooned before  the  youth  can take any positive  advantage  of  their  being  the modern day Bhagat Singhs and Chandrashekhar Azads of Bharat …….

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