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What Made Rohit Shetty Cast Sara Ali Khan In Simmba


Jyothi Venkatesh 

Sara Ali Khan, the stunning young actress is already making headlines with her acting talent and gorgeous looks. Her charming personality is winning hearts of the audience and movie goers are looking forward to her second movie, Simmba. Sara Ali Khan will be seen with Ranveer singh and Rohit Shetty on the premiere episode of  The Kapil Sharma Show which will air on 29th December at 9.30 PM. The most anticipated show promises to be laugh riot with the star cast of Simmba adding to the extra tadka of entertainment. Sara was very excited to be the part of The Kapil Sharma show. Sara being the youngest member on the show, Rohit and Ranveer kept pulling her leg and revealed lot of secrets on the show. When Kapil quizzed Sara on how she bagged the movie, Rohit revealed how Sara followed-up with him and insisted that he should take her in the movie. The way Rohit narrated the story left the audience and split.

Rohit narrated the entire incident of how Sara chased him through messages and thereafter approached Karan Johar. Later, Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor) also spoke to Rohit upon Sara’s insistence that Rohit should watch the rushes of Kedarnath. One day, Rohit decided to meet Sara and she went alone which was quite surprising for Rohit. Sara literally pleaded Rohit to take her in Simmba and Rohit decided upon Sara purely looking at her conviction. He didn’t even see the rushes of Kedarnath. Rohit also mentioned that Sara is in Simmba purely because of her hard work as ne never got a call from neither Saif nor Amrita to put in a word for Sara.”

Tune in to The Kapil Sharma Show starting 29th December at 9:30PM on Sony Entertainment 

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