What special sentimental connection does Bollywood actress Dia Mirza have with Diwali ? - Chaitanya  Padukone

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Dia Mirza solo and with husband Vaibhav Rekhi

What sentimental importance does Diwali have for you over the years and post-pandemic this year-2022

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Dia Mirza--Diwali always brings in many childhood memories filled with nostalgia. My earliest Diwali memory will always be soaking the 'Mitti ke Diye' with my mother, drying them in the sun, pouring oil, and carefully rolling cotton wicks into each diya. As children, we were absolutely mesmerised by the beauty that the tiny earthen lights brought to our home each year. This was a time when all the family members got together, chatted endlessly and laughed to our hearts content. I also have a special sentimental connection with this festival, since my mother would always celebrate my name on this day and remind me of the meaning behind how even a tiny flame - the flame of hope, can bring a soft glow to a gloomy space.

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Especially since your name “Dia” means a light and Diwali itself is a sparkling festival of lights. Career-wise and personally, what's the Diwali- dhamaaka news you wish to share with all your fans?


Dia Mirza--Diwali is an ongoing festival-utsav of triumph that purges evil (that which is harmful to us) and infuses optimism. Its a time when we experience so much of compassion and care among loved ones. Since we are one of the world's most populous countries, we need to realise that every decision we make has a multiplied impact. And one such very important decision I have recently made is to invest in brands that are committed to creating a sustainable world. By supporting and lending my voice to such ventures, I want to do my bit to make eco-friendly practices and products the norm, and not the exception. That is the dhamaaka I wish to create.in the times ahead.

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