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What The Tv Stars Have To Say About Who Will Win Bigg Boss 13 Tonight


Jyothi Venkatesh

This season of Bigg Boss has so far been the most engaging as compared to its last few years. With the constant fights, the zest to make it to the finale and also keep the viewers entertained, all housemates have put up a great show! Now, as the season finale draws close, we ask the top television personalities, what according to them makes the show a hit, if the audience is filling a void in their own life by watching this and if they ever want to be part of this show.

Arun Mandola:

I have never seen Bigg Boss but this time I have seen Bigg Boss 13 because of too many controversies. Audiences do not like fake people.  If you are pretending to be a different personality, people won’t like you. In this show people like genuine and entertaining people but not artificial traits. Yes, the audience tries to connect with their personalities, with their favorite contestant and yes, few people like the fight and few people don’t like fights. I don’t think I will be part of any reality show because personally I am very cool and calm. So, I can’t do unnecessary arguments or fights with people.

Vijayendra Kumeria:

Yes, it’s a very successful season for Bigg Boss. I think people like to see how their favorite celebrities are in real life and how they react to different situations. It’s people’s normal tendency to enjoy what’s going on in others’ lives. If it’s a celebrity then it becomes even more enjoyable for them because they get entertainment out of this. I personally don’t see myself being in the Bigg Boss house because I feel it won’t be good for my mental peace and for me my mental peace is very very important.

Amal Sehrawat:

The point of interest among audience has developed for a sole reason that they have always seen the positive side of celebrities. Now when they see their other side that is vulnerable and unguarded they get amused. I haven’t decided anything yet.

Dipna Patel:

This time in Big boss most of the tasks were not done well. They mostly got canceled cause they kept getting physical and the contestants kept getting hurt. I think it’s the way the real personalities reveal their true selves as the time passes and how the relationships build or break apart. That is what connects with the audiences. Also, when they begin to like a particular contestant or relate with the contestant they get more interested to watch it and follow the journey of the contestant. I’m not too sure if I would go for a show like this.I have been a part of the Miss Universe India Pageant and our phones were taken away during our training for a period of two weeks and we weren’t allowed to connect with anyone. It was difficult to not talk to and not be in touch with my loved ones. And that made me appreciate my life and value my loved ones even more. In Bigg Boss, I usually enjoy watching the tasks that they are given and the experience of not knowing the time and to manage with limited resources. But when the ugly fights happen, there is a lot of negative energy and I’m not sure if I would be able to survive that because as a viewer I can just mute certain parts but as a contestant, there is no way to escape from the situation.

Kettan Singh:

Definitely, this season is a big hit without any doubt but drama, fights, mental games have been a part of it. I have not been following much but I keep myself updated by asking my mother as she follows it religiously and I am following it now. This year audience is connecting so much, fights happened in every season, audiences connect to the personalities. There might be simple quirks like Shehnaaz is a flipper, Siddharth snaps a lot at any given thing and he is entertaining as well. I think people have connected more to their personalities.

Rohitashv Gour:

This season is a hit than the previous seasons because people like it when others fight. When I asked my kids what do you like about the show they say the fights the contestants do. So I have seen that drama attracts audiences, be it any industry or any country. And this is what the makers are taking advantage of and I feel the show is also scripted and I think I cannot be a part of the show because I cannot be a part of the show where you are expected to fight not because you are opinionated. This is good for a common man but to the intellectuals, it is not and I wouldn’t want people to follow. You would never see me on it.

Avinash Mukherjee:

Of course this season is a very big hit. My father is an avid watcher and that’s how I also get to see as that is what is going on TV. And this season is, I think, by far the most-watched season too. And the amount of the discussions and the hype that takes place in our day to day life, whether it be talking about  Bigg Boss amongst the actors on the set, or whether it’s a normal life or whether it’s just the popularity of the inmates in the house. And I don’t know about the audience’s filling in the gap but they surely enjoy the moments whether be it of the anger, love ,challenging the sportsman spirit of that adrenaline rush and of the task, so I think audience enjoys that and that’s why it’s been an ongoing concept.

Rahul Sharma:

When people watch Bigg Boss they enjoy what the celebrities fight about as their personal lives are involved and when you get to know about their personalities and their life, people enjoy watching it. I was approached but somehow it couldn’t work out. Even the makers prefer more dramatic people and I am not one of them who could just start fighting and yelling for things that sometimes don’t even make sense. I wouldn’t want my personal life to be a drama on Indian television, I can never be a part of the show I am not made for the show.

Sanjay Gagnani:

This season of Big Boss is a huge hit. And one of the reasons behind the success of this season is the kind of entertainment and the kind of chemistry and the kind of bond and all the different emotions that the housemates share in the house. The kind of contestants who are there in this season have provided a lot of entertainment to the audiences, because everyone in the house has their individual personality.  I’m no psychological student or psychologist to comment on what the audiences feel and what they are feeling such things in their personalities by watching such stuff but all I can say is that they’re getting entertained. I think the audiences feel connected to all the different contestants. Every contestant has a different fan base and that is what they use in the show. I cannot say if I will be a part of the show. It all depends on when it is offered at that time if I’m free or occupied with some other projects at that point of time if I really need money or not, at that point of time. But I never say no, I would not say no as of now.

Himanshu Malhotra:

I understand how this show has operated this season, I mean, everyone’s loving it, there’s a huge drama, there’s a huge fight, a lot of mental games are being played down, which always gets played in a show like this because the format of the show is pretty much like that. I think what connects to the audience is all this drama and all the conflicts because people love enjoying conflicts, people love the fact that the conflicts happening in somebody else’s house, which is not in their house.   Personally, I have not been an avid watcher of my boss, I don’t know much about it. I wouldn’t want to be about a big boss to be very honest.

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