What’s in Avika’s cards? Munisha Khatwani predicts

By Team Bollyy
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What’s in Avika’s cards? Munisha Khatwani predicts

2023 looks like a big year for Avika Gor as she is all set to make her Bollywood debut with Vikram Bhatt’s “1920 - Horrors Of The Heart”. With so much to look forward to in 2023, Celebrity Tarot Card reader and Astrologer Munisha Khatwani also did a Tarot Card reading for her. Let’s see what she has in store in 2023:

She will definitely have more career growth in the coming year. However, since her Saturn is a bit heavy, sometimes the progress gets blocked or it's a bit slow. Her destiny number comes to Saturn which is eight but Jupiter is very powerful. So her Jupiter comes into power and plays but her Saturn delays things a bit so that does cause a bit of an issue in her life. Also, she will see some growth in her life in June next year on the career front. I don't think she's looking so much to do TV as she's looking to do OTT of films, or she's looking at other mediums in her career and those opportunities could come to her after May next year. Her personal life looks more stable post-July and post-July she may be more sorted on the personal front as in she may be more clear about what she needs to do.

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