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When Dia Became A Snow Leopard Called Layla


Champion of wildlife and nature UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador and UN Sustainable Development Goals advocate Dia Mirza became a snow leopard called Layla. Dia featured in a podcast as the voice of a snow leopard named Layla who lives in the mountains of Krygzstan in Central Asia – one of the few places where a number of endangered species still thrive. This podcast is part of Run Wild, which is a collaboration between Runtastic, the UN Environmental Programme and Internet of Elephants.

In the podcast, Dia as Layla talks about her life in the mountains, how she hunts for food (for her cubs) and why the ‘encroaching’ human population is getting to be a real threat to her ilk. The idea of the podcast is to keep people active while understanding the plight of endangered species across the world.

Dia Mirza says, “One snow leopard is killed every day. Today only 4,000 – 7500 leopards remain in the wild. I became Layla to help more people learn about our endangered species. I feel knowledge is at the heart of conservation. The more people know about species that are becoming extinct, the higher are the chances of people helping and becoming a part of the conservation process.”

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