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When Feroz Khan Called Amitabh…

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It was a time when Amitabh Bachchan taken a break from working in films. He spent most of the day looking after the house at Prateeksha, while Jaya was busy working as the Chairperson of the Children’s Films Society and he spent the nights driving all around the places he had never seem in Bombay, places like Mohammad Ali Road, Null Bazar, Bhendi Bazar and other historic places which he did not had the chance to see when he was the busy “angry young man”. And sometimes he also spent long hours chatting with the domestic helps in the house. Abhishek and Shweta were studying abroad.

I was sitting with him one afternoon when there was a phone  call which he took and looked very excited. He whispered into my ears and said, “sorry, Ali, it is Feroz Khan on the line and he wants me to see him immediately “. He excused himself and left for the Theosothisal Colony in Juhu where Feroz Khan had his house which was like a Palace of one of the Sheikhs.

They had a long meeting.  It was about Feroz Khan wanting to make a film with Amitabh and Amitabh was all excited. But destiny had other plans and the meeting did not yield any results. Feroz and Amitabh never worked together but my reason for telling this unknown story is to let people know how much Amitabh respected his seniors, a quality he had inherited from his father who as he always said was his ultimate hero.

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