“When I walked on to the set, nobody realised it was me,” reveals Shrenu Parikh as she dons a male avatar for Maitree

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Shrenu Parikh a.k.a Maitree from Zee TV's Maitree (2)

Zee TV’s popular fiction show - Maitree - has been appreciated by one and all since its launch. The exciting journey of Maitree (Shrenu Parikh) and her soul sister, Nandini (Bhaweeka Chaudhary), has not only been relatable, but it has kept everyone hooked too! However, despite being sure that nothing can break their friendship, the dynamics between Maitree and Nandini have changed drastically over the past few months. And in the upcoming episodes, a lot of drama is set to follow, especially with Shrenu Parikh a.k.a Maitree donning the disguise of a man and fooling everyone.

Shrenu Parikh a.k.a Maitree from Zee TV's Maitree (3)

After Harsh (Samarth Jurel) and Maitree fell in love and got married to each other, we witnessed how Kamna (Maleeka R Ghai) used Maitree to enter the ‘Tiwari Sadan’. And now, Maitree is going to reveal the real face of Kamna in front of Harsh and Madan (Manish Khanna) by taking up a male avatar and trying to catch Kamna red-handed. While she successfully fooled everyone with her avatar on the show, it seems that she also surprised everyone on the set as no one could actually recognize her in disguise. From the look to her voice modulation and all the nuances, Shrenu Parikh aced the part!

Shrenu Parikh a.k.a Maitree from Zee TV's Maitree (4)

Shrenu Parikh adds, “I am always excited for new challenges and this disguised avatar was a welcome change. The dramatic sequence which sees me dressed as a man is not a very long one, but the effort that went into it was immense. I had to undergo a complete makeover to get the look right. I had to wear a cap, a wig, a mustache, a beard, different kinds of clothes for the sequence and had to tone down the foundation shade to match with the character's requisites. Although the artificial beard and mustache were pain points as I have had an allergy earlier, I must say everything went smooth this time around. In fact, when I walked on to the set the very first time in a male avatar, nobody realised it was me.


Everyone was actually looking for me, while I was standing next to them. I fooled them very well and they were astonished when they found out. To get into the character and ace the sequence, I spoke to everyone on set as a man for a few days as well. I had a gala time shooting for this sequence, and I truly hope everyone likes the high voltage drama that is set to follow.”

While Shrenu is giving her best and working round the clock to ace her performance, it will be interesting for viewers to witness if Maitree will be able to reveal the real face of Kamna in front of everyone or not?


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